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AdventureFit Travel

Iceland And The Aurora

Iceland And The Aurora

7 adventure-filled days in the mystifying...

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Papua New Guinea / Kokoda Track

Papua New Guinea / Kokoda Track

Navigate through the mountainous pathways of...

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Custom Trips

Custom Trips

Adventure Trips Customise your own adventure with...

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AdventureFit Radio

#103 - Elle Russ On The Paleo Diet, Thyroid Troubles & Healthy Living

#103 - Elle Russ On The Paleo Diet, Thyr…

Elle Russ is a writer, Certified...

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#102 - Travel Roundtable On The Chinese Connection, Bolivian Highlights & Ed’s Pink Pigs

#102 - Travel Roundtable On The Chinese …

We’ve got Ed Morrison today, and...

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#101 - Doc & Tommy On Friends From Kokoda, Weekly Meditation & Tales From The Chicken Shop

#101 - Doc & Tommy On Friends From K…

We begin by catching up with...

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AdventureFit Blog

ADVF Goes Thailand - Mac's Wrap

ADVF Goes Thailand - Mac's Wrap

Since its inception in 2014, AdventureFit...

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5 Waves To Catch In Australia

5 Waves To Catch In Australia

Surfing is more than just a...

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Why Choose AdventureFit Travel?

  • - TRAIN - Train with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world. We at AdventureFit are on a mission to travel the world learning from and training with the most professional athletes available

  • - ADVENTUREAdventure our way across the globe testing your fitness and testing your mettle in every scenario we can throw at you. We want to put you in the postcards. Let's find the worlds best glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, hot springs, sunsets, beaches and more.
  • - MEETMeet a whole big group of new best friends. Half of the fun of travelling isn't enjoying the places themselves but enjoying it with the people you meet. So come along and meet a big bunch of like minded people that you will be sure to call friends for life.
  • - RELAXRelax and enjoy the ride. You can be at ease knowing that the team at AdventureFit have your holiday planned for you inside and out and that all you have to do is show up and be ready to go.

  • - LIVE -  Live out your dreams. Our motivation is your motivation, our dreams are your dreams. So step outside the box and go and do the things you have always wanted. We are very passionate about seeing the world. All of it. And we want to see it with YOU!

FundraIsing with AdventureFit Travel 


To date AdventureFit Travel has raised $7865 for numerous charities and is planning annual volunteering trip abroad starting 2016.

Watch this space to learn more and get involved!

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