Bill Kerr


Aliases: The Doctor. Doc. Wolverine.
Hobbies: Travel. Read. Train. Surf. Party.
Countries visited:  38 - Australia, Indonesia, Vanuata, Thailand, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, South Africa, England, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, France, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand, Nepal, USA, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Vietnam.
Favourite Countries: Brazil. Mexico. Spain. Croatia. Sth Africa. Japan. Vietnam.
Languages: English. Spanglish.
Favorite Travel Experience: Standing on the crater of Mt Yasur in Vanuatu watching eruption after eruptions spurt chunks of lava 100′s of feet above my head.
Worst Travel Experience: Getting a stomach virus in Bolivia and being bed ridden for a week while my whole face peeled from getting sunburnt in the snow. My lowest, lowest ebb.


☆ CrossFit L2 Trainer
☆ Cert ll, lll, lV in Fitness
☆ Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach L1
☆ State Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach L2
☆ CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
☆ CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
☆ CrossFit Mobility Certification
☆ CrossFit Competitors Course
☆ Outlaw Training Camp Participant
☆ Senior L2 First Aid

Bill, otherwise known as ‘Doc’ is the founding father of AdventureFit Travel. An avid traveller/backpacker Doc spends more time with a backpack on his back than your average primary school student. Across his travels Doc encountered many adventures. From swimming with sharks, patting lions, riding elephants and running with bulls. He has visited 5 continents on his quest for adventure and plans to visit more with his new AdventureFit family.

Not only is Doc passionate about lust for adventure but he is also an avid fitness enthusiast. Working in the CrossFit industry has shown him the ability of a healthy lifestyle to truly change peoples lives for the better. Doc’s aim for AdventureFit Travel is to not only show people the world and the adventures to be had in it but to train and learn from some of the best fitness professionals out there. Come along and join the gang at AdventureFit and meet Doc for yourself.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: +61 404 485 969

Insta: @docsadventurefitlife

Twitter: ADVF_Travel