KOKODA TRACK 2018 - PAYMENT - $ 3499

10 days on the historic Kokoda Track. Make your way through the pathways of the heroes who defended the Pacific Front in WW2. Wrap up the journey on ANZAC Day 2018. This adventure is for real.

* Walk the historic Kokoda Track
* 9 full walking days to offer sensible acclimatisation
* Immerse in the local village life and culture
* Develop an accurate insight into the history of the trail through your experienced guide
* Complete the trek on ANZAC Day

Trip Dates: 
16th April 2018 - 25th April 2018

Secure your spot by paying the full trip price or making an initial deposit and paying the remainder as the trip date draws nearer.


7 adventure filled days on the Southeast Asian gem that is Koh Tao, Thailand. Try your hand at diving or cliff jumping straight into the blue waters. Go rock climbing and gaze out towards the horizon, not to mention training workshops with World Champion Dmitry Klokov. This is an island getaway and an adventure all in one!

* Dmitry Klokov weightlifting workshop in CrossFit Koh Tao
* Island muay thai
* Rock climbing
* Beach yoga session
* Discovery diving experience
* Group workouts throughout the whole trip

Trip Dates:
24 May 2017 - 30 May 2017

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