The first photo I have named DETERMINATION.

This photo is the exact second I knew I have done it. All the hard work had paid off. My goal for a very long time in CrossFit was to one day be the proud owner of a 100kg Snatch. For a long time this was just a general goal. Until about mid way through the year when I hit 90kg's clean as a whistle from the high hang. As soon as I hit 90 I looked across the room and saw my coach Ben looking at me and I think we were both thinking the same thing. And then I said it....."I'm hitting 100 from the ground before the year is out".

So this then became my real one and only goal. Sure I was training hard and hitting WODs but most of my energy was going into squatting and getting under that bar as much as I could. As the year began to draw to a close I said to Ben that I'd give myself two chances at it. One on Boxing Day in a session we had planned down at CrossFit Rosebud and if I couldn't hit it then I'd come back and nail it on New Years.

So Boxing Day hit and Ben, Wilbur and I were down the box throwing some weight around and I began to work up to the Snatch. Hitting 80 clean, 85, 90 and even 95 first hit I thought this was gonna be my day. So I loaded up two bluey and started ripping into it. After a few failed attempts I knew that it was close but it may have to be one of those stupid days where you go for 15 lifts to get what you want. I don't like to train this way and don't ever anymore but for the sake of this one triple figure number I had been wanting so badly, I was willing to let good training protocol slide. 

And then 100kgs landed on my head.

And I don't mean softly or skimmed it, I mean I got under the bar, nearly locked it out but didn't and the full weight of the bar came down on my neck ruining me, crumpling me into a little ball and flipping me forward.

As I lay there in shock staring at the ceiling my mates all rushed over. I think Ben's words were something along the lines of "Holy fuck mate are you alright?", to which I replied "believe it or not I'm actually sweet". Once I had gotten up and regained my composure Ben told me about the time he did the same thing and walked away from the bar and didn't Snatch for a while and it threw him right off. He had a fear of getting under the bar. I knew I couldn't let that happen so I dusted myself off, set my feet, gripped the bar and kept going at it. 3 or 4 half assed attempts later and I knew I wasn't gonna get it today. But I also knew that the lift didn't own me. I knew it was still gonna be mine. 



To get it done:

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Power through challenges
  • Focus (and refocus) on the goal
  • Work with the right people

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