This next photo I am gonna call COMMUNITY.

So I had changed my plans a few times in the lead up to New Years and had decided that I was gonna be up in the city for the night. So I came down eve eve to CrossFit Rosebud to lift with the boys and give it another crack. I'm not gonna go into too much detail about this day other than to say that I just didn't lift well. Took a few attempts to hit 90 and couldn't hit 95. I was shattered. I really thought I was gonna get it before the clock ticked over to 2014. Ben just told me to be a realist and you can't reach every goal you set and assured me I'd get it in Jan which I knew was true. I just wanted it NOW!

So I left the gym and went on my way to the city to do a couple of days renovating of my Thornbury apartment. On the second day which happened to be New Year's Eve I got a call from my mate Truzzie. He was telling me about a party on the coast that was gonna be super cool and we should probably hit it. Although I was keen I just couldn't really be bothered with the drive down now that I was in town.

Until it hit me. If I go to this beach party I'm definitely going to the box. If I go to the box I'm definitely gonna Snatch. If I Snatch today I'm definitely gonna hit it.

This feeling of everything culminating and the stars aligning came over me. The script had been written. The stage had been set. So I packed up my tools bailed from Thornbury and headed towards the coast. When I arrived at around 4pm all of my closest mates from the box were already finished up their New Years WOD and were all drinking beers together on the gym floor. Perfect.

After all the hard work I put in over the year with these guys, all the blood, sweat and tears on the gym floor, I couldn't think of anything better than to go out there and give it a crack with them to cheer me on. So as I walked through the door Ben looked at me and straight away laughed. "You giving it another crack". "Yeah mate, bloody oath". So then it began. 80, 85, 90, 95 all smooth. I looked over at my mates after 95 went down and said "I'm getting this today".

But alas 100 still evaded me. Rep after rep I failed, but failed by millimetres. And every time I got closer the screams and cheers got louder. I had so much adrenaline coursing through my veins it was crazy. I felt like I was Snatching for all of us. And I think all the crew felt the same way as I could feel them feeling my pain as I missed and missed and missed.

Then the magic happened.

Ben set the video, the crowd went hushed, I took a few deep breaths, set myself up and pulled. Viciously, ferociously, like a bad motherfucker I pulled. I got that thing up so fucking high that I didn't know what to do with it. But my CNS did. So many days of training, so many hours, so many sub maximal Snatches to perfect that neurological pathways had meant that when I dropped under that bar, somehow that bar came down in the slot. I couldn't believe it.

Here I was sitting with 100kgs above my head. Right knee goes, comes back. Left arm flexes, comes back. Hold it, hold it, fucking hold it you pussy. It took all my will and all my might to control that thing down there I didn't actually know if I was going to be able to stand it up. And then I heard them. My friends, my training partner, my coach all in unison lifting me out of that Squat decibel by decibel. The louder they got the stronger I got. It was amazing. I was never getting out of there without them, but with them I was never not! I felt like Captain fucking Planet! I love those guys.



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