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The last photo I am gonna call FRIENDSHIP.

Wilbur and I have been friends for 15 years. The first time we both ever got drunk we stole the alcohol from Wilbur's grandmas house to do so. So I think it's quite fitting that as I slammed that bar as hard as I possibly could to the floor and jumped as high and I could into the air he was there to catch me before my feet even hit the ground.

For all you non CrossFitters out there you may not quite know the feeling of what I am describing but it's not about the lift.

It's about the journey. It's about setting a goal in your life and sticking to it. It's about all the hard work, all the pain, all the frustrations in failure and it's also about going through that together. CrossFit is an individual sport for the most part. Sure there are teams events and stuff but everything we do we mostly do as a single entity. No one gripped this bar with me and helped me lift it. But at the same time I didn't do this on my own.

I go though the same things with Wilbur, with Ben, with my athletes, with my new coaches and friends at my new box. Every Snatch they miss. Every goal they set that they don't quite reach I feel it with them. Friends are there to get you to where wanna go. Or die trying on the way.

Although this moment was my proudest moment of new CrossFit career I am sure that the next time I see one of my athletes hit a PB or climb a rope for the first time or get a kipping pull up I'll have that same feeling. Mission accomplished. I am also sure that when Wilbur get's to whacking 100kg over head this year at some point I'm gonna be the first man there to congratulate him. Cause that's what friends are for.



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