For Supa

Ok. So this Friday afternoon something really weird happened. A totally naked, semi bearded, grown man was seen in the middle of a busy South Melbourne street, standing ankle deep in a bucket of ice water, proceeding to get buckets upon buckets of water tipped, thrown and catapulted at him. 

That man was me.

The reason behind this strange sight was a unequivocally simple one. To raise money for beyondblue, a group established to raise awareness and understanding on the issues of depression and anxiety within Australia. My grandfather Eric Paganoni suffered from these illnesses which ultimately led to his downfall a few years ago so it’s something that has been pretty close to my heart ever since. With the help of one cooky idea, 9 buckets of ice, a few friends and a few family members I have been able to raise (at time of writing) $1400 for beyondblue to go along with the $610 from The Great AdventureFit Raffle earlier in the year. And I want to raise more. More on that later though.
So, it began while I was sitting on my computer snuggled comfortably into my couch nook a few nights scrolling through Facebook only to discover a video I had been tagged in by my friend Hayden, getting ice poured all over his head. I soon knew what was up. It was some internet fad similar to the recent boozy fad that got around where you have to accept some challenge and pass it onto your friends. I didn’t really know the deal but I heard something about tipping ice on your head or give money to charity. I thought ok, I’m not gonna be called a chicken for the rest of my days so it looks like I am getting ice tipped on my head. But then I felt bad for not giving to charity. 
A couple of days had passed and then while at work it came back to me. You have a date with some ice I thought. I spoke to Brad and Con my boss and co-coach at work and asked what they thought of the new craze. They’d both been nominated. Brad had donated, Con was gonna ice up. AND THEN IT HIT ME! I’m doing both. Why? Boredom I think more than anything. But I did see the potential hilarity of the situation, knowing that if this was gonna go down I was definitely doing it in the nude. THEN IT HIT ME AGAIN! Why don’t I start the ball rolling with a $50 donation then charge friends of mine to come down and throw their own bag of ice on me for a small donation of at least $10. So off I went all excited about my new idea and the possibly of raising $100 or so for beyondblue.
Shortly after I posted my idea online. Once through AdventureFit Travel and then once through my Facebook. Then it went crazy. Everybody was throwing money at me. $20 here, $50 there. Jared Shay upped the ante and offered $100 and he wasn’t even going to be there to see. I thought oh well if all these guys are gonna put this much money towards my stupid idea we’d better do it right. So down to the end of the block with 9 bags of ice, a few buckets, a few phones and a camera and this is what occurred.
Suffice to say it was one of the most painful, intense, HILARIOUS moments of my life. I’d like to thank everyone that came down and got on board. I’d like to thank everyone who donated and I’d also kinda like to thank my mate Truzzie, who although I ended up with welts all over my back from it, provided the 2 best shots and probably 2 funniest moments of the footage.
In all seriousness though. Depression and anxiety are crippling diseases which my family have been immediately affected by. I have done my part and now it’s your turn to do yours. If you liked this story please share it and if you really liked this story please donate to beyondblue at the link below. If you do decide to donate let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the comments section here.
Thanks and I hope you cried with laughter at this video like I did. 
Doc. X.
This silly stunt ended up raising a total of $2055 for beyondblue.

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