24hrs In New York!

24 Hours In New York

Every one seems to have one thing on their bucket list. 

That is, to go to New York City! 

Yes, NYC. The Big Apple. The City that never sleeps.

We have seen New York so many times on film, on TV, in photos, the news. Spiderman. Friends. Godzilla. Sex and the City. New York Minute. How I Met Your Mother. New Year’s Eve. Transformers. And of course, CNN. The list goes on and on. 

From Times Square to Central Park, the Statue of Liberty or Fifth Avenue, New York City has been immortalized in fiction and in any form of art and of course, on the news and in real life, practically, everywhere.

New York City is right up there with Paris when it comes to being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world.

So, supposing you were given one day to explore the many wonders of New York City, what ten things would you do to make the most out of those 24 short hours?

Twenty-four hours is just too short a time to get acquainted with arguably the most awesome city on the planet, bar none. 

But let’s get going. Pronto!

# 1:  The Skyscraper Selfie. Say, for your 24-hour NYC blitz, you were dropped off by a chopper in any of the countless helipads on those skyscrapers, then it is time to take that selfie on top of those helipads before you take a quick peek off the edge of whichever skyscraper you landed on. Think King Kong here. Just don't look down!

#2: Breakfast in NYC. Which do you prefer? A hotdog from a Sabrett stand or a sandwich from any of the countless delis on every street corner? Take your pick quick because you will need the energy for your 24-hour speed tour around NYC. No time for a leisurely cup with the gang at Central Park today, grab a cup from Starbucks and be on your way!

#3: Central Park. No trip to New York should be complete without a stop at Central Park. Take a leisurely horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park feeling like a scene from your favorite romance movie.

#4: Get Artsy. Choose between the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. You can never go wrong with any of these two. But since you only have 24 hours in NY, let’s go Guggenheim.

#5: Shopaholic. New York is known for its fashionable and uber-chic people hurrying along its wide busy sidewalks dressed to the nines from head to toe. Try to get into one of those lightning designer sales where women are said to murder one another for just a piece of clothing, a purse or a pair of designer boots. Or if you do not have the budget nor the energy nor the criminal intent for that, just take a leisurely walk down Fifth Avenue and do some window-shopping, ala-Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

#6: The Statue of Liberty. Of course, who goes to New York without taking some photos and paying homage to the one of the greatest symbols of the USA and of the modern free world? For many an immigrant to land on these shores, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of hope and a new lease on life. The symbol of the Great American Dream. 

#7: The Empire State Building. There should be no trip to New York without going up the Empire State Building. Not one! Almost always a feature in Hollywood films, this classic building is a great place to have a view of the New York City skyline. Pop-in a coin on the viewer for a closer look at the city below.

#8: Times Square. Ah, who can’t recognize the iconic Times Square – with throngs of New Yorkers flooding the square to catch the annual New Year’s Eve Countdown and Ball-Drop? Be there at night when the colorful billboards light up the square! Bask in the dazzling glow of lights! Awesome! Just awesome! And if people-watching interests you, Times Square is the place to be!

#9 Lightning Tour. Since you really are pressed for time. You have two options to go for a quick tour around the city. You may take the subway. But you are unfamiliar with the routes and the schedules and you do not want to waste the little time you have left  scanning the train schedules. So you may just opt to drop by very quickly at the Grand Central Station for that ubiquitous selfie right there. Then hop on a classic New York double-decker tour bus. Take the All-Loops Tour, get a seat at the top open deck, and soak in the sights – throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn - from your comfortable perch!

#10: Broadway Show. So no trip to New York is ever complete without watching a musical on Broadway. Take your pick. The Phantom of the Opera? Mamma Mia? Chicago? Les Miserables? The Lion King? Any of these shows are guaranteed entertainment. Yes, a fantastic musical on Broadway would indeed be a spectacular way to wrap up a hectic day in New York City.  Kind of like a fireworks display as a fitting end to your lightning visit!

Top 10 things to do when in New York for a day? Maybe. There are another 20 things we could put on this list of equal value. But stick to this list, and you will be sure to get a good dose of the famous New York culture. 

We just simply love New York City! What about you?

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