All About Jackie Perez

On Instagram there is something called Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw), and on this day users share pictures of some women that are attractive, inspirational, or just down right amazing. Any search of #wcw would no doubt result in seeing multiple pictures of women in the CrossFit community, but one in particular would turn up multiple pictures. 
That woman is Jackie Perez.
Jackie Perez is extremely well-known in the fitness community. She was recently labeled "2nd fittest body" on the women's side of the "Top 20 Fittest Bodies of CrossFit 2014" ( But the fact of the matter is this- if you follow Jackie or have ever had the privilege of hearing her share anything about her journey, you know its not just her good looks and fitness that has attracted her a huge social media following worldwide
Growing up on a ranch in Exeter, California with a huge garden and a variety of animals, Jackie saw every day as an adventure. She played any sport she could growing up, and in high school she played soccer, softball and volleyball- which she ended up playing at the Jr. College level before moving on to Cal State Hayward. 
Jackie's biggest influence in life has been her mother, who defined the ideas of work ethic and compassion as she raised her children. Jackie's mom also taught her how to stand up for what she believes in. When Jackie posts to Instagram or Facebook there is usually at least a full paragraph of thought with each picture. This is where Jackie's goals and aspirations become very clear. 
The woman is driven, and she shows it not only through her workouts and amazing accomplishments in CrossFit but also through her work. She has been a coach at CSA gym in Dublin, CA since it opened six years ago. She also serves as coach on the extremely popular Barbell Shrugged team. 
Another quality Jackie reveals through her work is passion. She is not only passionate about fitness but also nutrition, and she recognizes that the two go hand-in-hand. She also believes that when people begin to care more and more about nutrition as well as activity, they will not only be more happy with themselves but will also begin to motivate and inspire others around them. 
If one wanted to change the world, compassion would be a necessary character quality. In her approach to coaching and life, Jackie understands this principle and holds it as one of her defining qualities. She especially loves coaching children and desires to help and care for every person that crosses her path. It is one of Jackie’s firm beliefs that she will change the world- one person at a time. 
If Jackie sounds like a busy woman, she is. She spends a great deal of time coaching and caring for others on top of her own training routine. She is training to make progress in the sport of CrossFit, planning to place in the top 10 of the state of California in next year's Open, securing a trip to Regionals.
One of her other goals this year is to travel more and work less (when one plans to change the world, it does not hurt to see as much of it as possible, firsthand). Jackie has fallen in love with Kauai over time, as she has taken multiple trips to the island. She considers it to be a beautiful and peaceful place, perfect for time away from work. 
Jackie is making her AdventureFit debut in Japan this September! Head over to the trips page to learn more and book your Adventure! 
If you have not already been following her journey you can join her in the following outlets:
Instagram: @jackie585
Twitter: @jackiep585
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