Meet Your AdventureFit Travel Blogging Team!

We at AdventureFit have been working long and hard on putting together a team of guest bloggers to keep you up to date and well informed in many fields ranging from; Mindset, Coaching, Affiliation, all the way through to travel and lifestyle. 

We are privileged to have such a talented group of writers getting on board and we are very pleased to welcome them to the AdventureFit Travel team!

Click on their link below to check out their first piece. 

Dave Nixon - Mindset & Coaching


Will Sartori - CrossFit & Affiliation


Steve Hennessy - Nutrition


Matt Knuppel - Strength & Conditioning



Elisa Rhynedance - CrossFit & Weightlifting


Dulan Perera - Travel & CrossFit


Dave Atkins - Strength & Conditioning


Brandy Monge - Nutrition & CrossFit


Sam Holmes - Weightlifting & CrossFit


Devon Latoa - CrossFit 


Dave Driskell - Travel & CrossFit



Bill, otherwise known as ‘Doc’ is the founding father of AdventureFit Travel. An avid traveller/backpacker Doc spends more time with a backpack on his back than your average primary school student. Across his travels Doc encountered many adventures. From swimming with sharks, patting lions, riding elephants and running with bulls. He has visited 5 continents on his quest for adventure and plans to visit more with his AdventureFit family.

Not only is Doc passionate about lust for adventure but he is also an avid fitness enthusiast. Working in the CrossFit industry has shown him... Read more.