Meet Dmitry Klokov!

We at AdventureFit Travel are super proud to announce Dmitry Klokov will be joining us on our upcoming Bali & The Gili Islands trip.

Some of you may know a lot about Dmitry, some of you may know very little. Either way we are going to give you a bit of a rundown on the man, the myth, the legend, that is Klokov!



Dmitry Klokov was born in Balashikha, Moscow, Russia. He was the son of a famous weightlifter and 1983 world champion Vyacheslav Klokov. Who competed in the old -110kg category, winning the world championship in 1983, the year of Dmitry's birth. Dmitry's father Vyatcheslav went on to become the president of the Russian Weightlifting Federation so you could imagine that Dmitry Klokov was born to be a weightlifter.


After starting out as a young, skinny kid in weightlifting Dmitry began to mature and move on to great things. Competing in numerous junior and youth world championships before moving onto the senior ranks and hitting the ground running by taking out the 2005 World Weightlifting Championships in Doha, Qatar.

On this particular day Dmitry was able to snatch 192kg and clean and jerk 227kg for a gold medal winning total in the 105kg category of 419kgs.

Although Dmitry went on to total more at the summer Olympics in 2008 and the world championships in 2011 (with 423kg and 428kg respectively) he would not go on to finish higher than second on the podium due to the increase in the standard of weightlifting in his division over this period. 

But Dmitry can proudly say that he joined his father in the elusive club of father/son world champion weightlifters. A truly remarkable effort.

In recent time is was thought that Dmitry may make one final push to try for the 2016 Olympic Games (see recent video below of Dmitry snatching a huge 200kg in the training hall at this years world championships) in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil but earlier this year he announced that this was not to be the case as he retired from the sport of weightlifting. 


Over the last few years Dmitry has been a very passionate member of the weightlifting fraternity spreading the sport throughout all corners of the globe. In the past few years Dmitry has travelled to Mexico, Australia, all through Europe, all through the Americas and even more. 

Dmitry is one of the most popular and charismatic figures in the word of weightlifting, CrossFit or functional fitness in general due some of his amazing exploits of being able to max out and his snatch, clean and jerk, thruster, press or any other movement at the drop of the hat. 

His workshops are the perfect mixture of information, practical application and performance by Dmitry himself. Take a look at some of the videos below to see for yourself.






Dmitry has since moved on from weightlifting and is now competing as a professional athlete in the new sport of GRID, human performance racing basically, which is taking off in the USA. Dmitry's amazing strength and relatively good cardio make him a huge asset to his Baltimore Anthem team. 


 But behind closed doors Dmitry is nothing more than a very tight knit family man. Living his life with his beautiful wife Elena and their young daughter Anastasia.

World champion weightlifter, world class showman and all around great guy, AdventureFit Travel could not be happier to have someone of Dmitry Klokov's calibre as guest coach for our upcoming Bali & The Gili Islands trip.


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