Injuries: How To Turn A Setback Into An Opportunity

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You have recently suffered an injury, you're feeling like as though life really isn't fair right about now! You hobble down to your local CrossFit Gym and watch all your friends sweating it out. The feeling of being depressed is starting to set in. Because of that feeling you completely stop going to the gym to visit your friends and now you are sitting on the couch watching Netflix and eating shapes, not exactly what you had in mind a few weeks ago.

An injury may feel like the end of the world, trust me, I personally know the feeling that you are going through. But if you look at it this way, your heart is still beating - that's a bonus, you can still physically move, that's another bonus, you are still of somewhat able bodied. You can still do things, you just have to be creative and figure out what movements you can still do to allow you to workout.

That may sound like a daunting task, but it's really not. For example you have injured your leg, lets say an ACL reconstruction. Yes your leg may be injured, but your arms work perfectly fine, now write down a list of all the movements you can do with your upper body that wont impact your injury.

You will find the list is endless once you start thinking about it. Try new things, do some research. Choose movements that you may not be able to do right now, or movements that you aren't great at, for example a strict Muscle Up. Can you do one? If no, put that on the list! Now take that list to your CrossFit Gym and speak to your Coach.

If your Coach is good at what they do, they will be able to program around your injuries, whilst encompassing your do-able movements into a class structure.

Because you have great Coaches, and with advise from your doctors, your Coach can come up with workouts that are specific to your current abilities and goals and don't affect your injury in any way. This means you can still go to class, you can still workout with your friends. They have their workout and you have yours - they may be squatting whilst you do bench presses.

With your new training in place you are motivated again, you're no longer sitting on the couch, you're now working out with your friends again, you're working on your weaknesses, and you're smashing out new PBs turning those weaknesses into strengths. You have taken what you saw as a setback and turned it into an opportunity to improve in other areas. Your injury will heal and you will get back to your old self in no time, but you will be better and stronger.

Being injured isn't the end of the world. This may be hard to believe at the time, but look at your injury as simply a path changing direction for a short period of time, sometimes for the best. Make the most of a bad situation and turn it into a positive one, learn more about who you are and what you can do, not what you can't do.

For all those injured people who are currently sitting on the couch with their Netflix and shapes, put down the remote and the shapes, grab a pen and paper and write down all the activities that you can do, then take that to your Coaches, who I am sure will be more than happy to help you. That's the beauty of CrossFit, if you get an injury, we will help you to still workout and be with those awesome people you call friends.

Don't let an injury be a setback, let it be a journey to self improvement and an opportunity!


Marilyn Dobe

From an early age Marilyn was a regular participant in soccer and track running. She is presently Co-Owner and Manager of CrossFit Touch N Go Albury, as well as an enthusiastic CrossFitter with a love for Olympic Weightlifting.

Marilyn is very passionate about health and fitness and has been involved in coaching the methodology of CrossFit and Olympic lifting for the past four years. Marilyn loves to share her passion with others which is why she decided to open CrossFit Touch N Go Albury and the Riverina Weightlifting Club so she could help others have fun whilst becoming fitter and stronger versions of themselves.

Marilyn enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Jay and son, Kanakai as well as travelling as often as she can between work. Her goal is to build CFTNG’s community big enough to have a manager take over whilst she travels America and Europe visiting other CrossFit Gyms.