Finding The Power Position With Coach Klokov

In this video, Dmitry Klokov shares with us how one can find the 'Power Position' for a weightlifter to generate maximum explosive power. Take in a few effective body positioning and coordination tips you can apply to your next training session. Watch closely and you'll pick up a couple of unwritten ones!

Pulling from decades of experience inside the Russian School of Weightlifting, Klokov focuses on teaching specific coaching cues to better improve athletes form and mechanics.


Mon Echevarria

Mon is passionate about human physical development. His journey started June 10, 2011, and since that day he has been working to explore, unlock and realize the physical potentials within himself. His current training is mostly based on calisthenics, oly lifting and CrossFit.

Among his lifetime goals is to reach the fullest physical state possible at every stage of life - a process he terms as 'Physical Maturity'. Throughout the process, his aim is to always share the passion and the materials to as many people as possible; for them to also experience the benefits afforded by excellent health and fitness. He became a part of the AdventureFit team on August 24, 2015.

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