Tropical Paradise - Will's Trip Review

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From the moment we arrived at the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines, I knew this was going to be a very special trip. Flying into a tiny airport surrounded by dense jungle-like rainforests on a small twin engine plane isn’t something you do every day. This was what greeted the AdventureFitter’s as they arrived for day one of their 7 day fitness/adventure holiday.

Although we had a couple of different flights everyone was at the hotel by 2pm. The crew gathered around the pool for a couple of welcoming drinks in the sun and got a chance to chill out after some long flights from various places around the world. We were lucky enough to have Dimitry Klokov join us for a few beers as even he couldn’t say no to the infinity pool overlooking the island.




Not too may drinks though as we were off to CrossFit Boracay for our first WOD together at 4pm. Everyone was blown away by the beach front as we arrived at the box; white sand and crystal clear, turquoise water as far as you can see. The box was surrounded by palm trees and is literally right on the beach.

An epic partner workout got the desired response and was made extra tough with the 95% humidity. It’s a great way to break the ice anyway!

Later that evening, we all head out to Los Indios Bravos, a cool little restaurant, and have our first dinner together. After some great food, a few cheeky cocktails and a bit of banter, we head back to the hotel for a good night’s rest before a big day 2.

We’re up early and heading back to CrossFit Boracay for Dimitry Klokov’s weightlifting seminar. Dimitry loosens up and works up to a LAZY 160kg snatch from the high hang (as you do). The guys are all blown away and this gets everyone up and about, ready to go for the day. It’s a fun but grueling day lifting with Dimitry’s technical guidance. He shifts some of the guys into positions they never thought possible and is very hands on and thorough.




The epic day of lifting flies by and before we know it – its 7pm and we are starving. We get a great recommendation from Nix, the coach at CrossFit Boracay, and head to a restaurant nearby for some delicious food by the beach. Dimitry joins us and shows us how a 120kg Russian monster drinks beer. Clue: it’s fast.

The next morning we are off to White Beach again, this time heading out to do some freediving. We get a great lesson on breathing techniques from our instructor, and she’s very thorough in preparing us to go out into the ocean. Some of the guys are excited, some nervous, and some don’t know! Everyone gives it a crack and little by little we all get the hang of it. Except for Lachy, who has gills apparently, and takes to it like a fish to water quite literally, easily getting to the 12m depth which was the max we could do for the day.

Later that night we head to ‘Subo’ for a Philippine cooking class and authentic dinner. Sounds boring right? Wrong! Nobody knew what to expect as we arrived, but we were all amazed at the old style Philippine villa. We were greeted by the head chef who proceeded to put on a masterclass in Philippine cooking. After showing us some of the centuries-old techniques and allowing some of the guys to get involved in the cooking process, we sit down to a traditional Philippine feast showing of some local delicacies.


subo cooking class


We wake up early the next morning for a yoga session on the roof. Everything starts off well enough and we clearly have an experienced instructor in Samuel. About 15 minutes in though, the heavens open, and I mean OPEN. In this part of the world the rain can be pretty heavy and this morning was no different! A few of us brave it out in the monsoon-like weather and are glad we did as it ended up being a great experience! We dry off and get ready to be picked up for an island tour, cliff jumping and snorkeling.




We head out and the weather cleared up for us so the snorkeling is perfect. We utilize the breathing techniques we learned during freediving the day before, allowing us all to stay underwater for much longer than we normally could. Jackie questions me on how I can stay underwater for so long and I tell her “I’ve got a special snorkel that works underwater”. She doesn’t question the fact that they don’t exist, but instead is offended and asks why ‘she didn’t get a special snorkel?’ As you can imagine, this got a pretty good response from everyone! Ahh Jackie, the life of the party!

We follow the snorkeling with some of the crew facing their fear of heights by doing some good old fashioned cliff jumping! There is plenty of different platforms to jump off and before long most of the crew are getting into it and having a blast.

Our tour guide rounds us up for lunch in a little hut on the rocks where she has cooked up a grand feast with some local classics and some fresh fish caught earlier that morning. After lunch she introduces us to the local specialty ‘Rhum’ and the crew make light work of the bottle!

Post-lunch – it’s time to go and the heavens open again, making for an ‘interesting’ boat ride back to White Beach!

We have a bit of a sleep-in the next morning and get down to CrossFit Boracay for another WOD. This time we work in teams, getting through a combination of Hang Clean Thrusters, Dips, KB Swings, Hollow Holds and Box Jumps. This works up quite the sweat so we all relax in the water for the afternoon with a few cocktails. The weather turns it on and everyone is enjoying some time to unwind after a hectic few days.

Last full day of the trip we kick it off nice and early with a yoga session on the beach.


beach yoga


It’s a beautiful morning and we all enjoy the stretch and challenge of positions. It’s a great way to start the day and the guys are nice and relaxed. That is until we make the trip up to the Boracay zipline where we get to speeds close to 100kms an hour! Two at a time we make our way down, superman style, in the harnesses. Hurtling down the cable, we get an awesome 360 degree view of the island.




The rest of the afternoon is spent chilling on the beach as the weather is perfect again. This place really is like something you would see on a postcard.




We finish the trip with a group dinner and everyone is up and about for the last night. The drinks flow and we wrap up the trip with a great night with some great mates.


Will Sartori

After travelling the world for a few years, meeting people and gaining a greater understanding of life in general, Will found his calling in CrossFit. After being introduced by good friend Bill Kerr, owner of AdventureFit, there was no looking back. It didn't take long for him to reap the benefits of CrossFit training and he began to transfer his passion and knowledge for a healthier lifestyle onto others. Will loves seeing others realise their potential and achieve results that CrossFit can deliver, not just in the box but in everyday life. Will is a dedicated coach with a great depth of knowledge, nutrition and skill development and is committed to helping each and every person that comes through the door of his box.


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