Get Grateful

There is often more to be grateful for than we give credit.

We often complain about how hard things are.

How we don’t have enough of this or we have too much of that.

But we often forget . . .

We are the 1%.

If you are reading this from the comfort of your home, office, favourite coffee shop or whatever, I am going to hazard a guess that you are pretty comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong. I know not everybody lives their dream life.

But I also know that there is always something to be truly grateful for . . .

I write a gratitude journal every morning when I wake up.




Three things . . .

Three little things that if I didn’t have in my life I’d be slightly lesser for.

They don’t have to be huge things.

- I am grateful for my friendship with Jamie.

- I am grateful to be able to swim in the ocean every day.

- I am grateful for the man who smiles at me every morning when I walk to work.

Big things or little things. They all matter.

And you know why?

Not only does it help with perspective, but it is a skill.

Gratitude. That’s right, it’s a skill.

Like anything if you practice it enough, you get good at it.




Remember your first time snowboarding? Your first time speaking another language? Your first time kicking that weird shaped football?

You sucked at it, right?

But you got better at it. Because it’s a skill. Your brain is wired to perform better with repetitions.

You go to the gym to get big, right? Well some do.

You do rep after rep after rep after rep.

Write a gratitude journal to get happy. Do the work and it will pay off.


My challenge:

Write three things you are grateful for every single day for a week.

See if you feel any better.

Then sit back and watch your happiness get swole.




Bill, otherwise known as ‘Doc’ is the founding father of AdventureFit Travel. An avid traveller/backpacker Doc spends more time with a backpack on his back than your average primary school student. Across his travels Doc encountered many adventures. From swimming with sharks, patting lions, riding elephants and running with bulls. He has visited 5 continents on his quest for adventure and plans to visit more with his AdventureFit family.

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