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A Guide To Surfing The Pacific Islands

Next to the vivid coast of California, the rugged shores of Norway, and the welcoming waters of Portugal, surfers from all over the world still seek the seclusion of the Pacific islands in search for that perfect wave. In addition to their captivating inland beauty, these little paradise gardens are home to some of the most breathtaking beaches that will surely inspire your next surfing adventures.

Image 1 Samoa author Matt Saxby


Considered as one of the best-kept secrets of the South Pacific, the two islands that belong to Samoa, Upolu and Savai’i are every veteran surfer’s dream destination. Their untamed coral shores and wild waters form a duet to challenge even the most versed of surfers, so it’s highly advisable to have your first wave ride with a local by your side – they know all the nooks and crannies that lurk below the surface.

The south coastline is a year-round adventure pool for surfers, so no matter when you decide to plan your travels, you will be welcomed by a whole range of picturesque draining barrels and a few meter high swells.

Tavarua Island Resort - promo clip 30sec from WALTZ MEDIA on Vimeo.

Tavarua, Fiji

Often overshadowed by the main island of Fiji, this tiny neighbor has earned its proud reputation as a cherished surfing spot, despite its size and significant competition in the Pacific. In addition to Tavarua’s peaceful inland and graceful shores, the waves such as the Cloudbreak can present quite a challenge.
Every aspect of the island’s life creates an appealing, tranquil atmosphere that is suitable both for the adventure seekers and the honeymooners alike, so you can wait for your perfect restaurants break, or head to a luxurious spa treatment to wrap up your day.

Image 2 Paihia North Island New Zealand

North Island, New Zealand

A dreamy, low-key locale with hospitable residents is sure to charm any visitor, and New Zealand rushing waves will make any surfer fall madly in love with this uncrowded hideout. The surf school in Muriwai, just outside of Auckland, will accommodate any newbie who wants to tackle the powerful tides of the Pacific.

On the other hand, Piha is the gem of the West Coast, and an experienced surfer’s fantasy with its lively currents that always have a treat in store for hard-core wave enthusiasts. Advanced surfers can bask in the majestic Big Wave Classic, a beloved event among globe-trotting surfers to take advantage of Piha’s well-known spilling waves.

Image 3 Moorea

Moorea, Tahiti

Some think it’s the most beautiful island in the world, while others choose to spend their vacations there for the sole purpose of exploring its waves. Such a small nook, and yet it offers a lot of exciting hiking trails in the inland mountains, relaxing in overwater bungalows and snorkelling through the stunning coral reef. Another good side is observing its inquisitive marine life that are accustomed to interaction with the visitors.

Although there are no impressively high swells that await your experienced surfboard, the friendly groundswells are ideal for the lengthy surf with the view of the magical horizon. The translucent waters and strong yet gentle waves provide a perfect getaway for those who have mastered the art of savoring every surf.

Image 4 New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Yet another masterpiece of the Pacific, New Caledonia is among the more popular, yet not overly crowded islands that have been attracting the attention of surf-lovers from all around the world. Its French cultural background, lush nature and massive reef breaks blend to create the perfect atmosphere for an eager surfer.

You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with your surfing maneuvers and enjoy those lasting left-handed tube rides, and wait for those four-meter peaks that will astonish even the pickiest of surfers. You can chase after the barrels and enjoy the powerful but friendly waters of the ocean for hours on end, and rest assured that a single visit will likely inspire many more to come.



5 Waves To Catch In Australia

Surfing is more than just a sport in Australia - it’s a lifestyle and a philosophy. Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian swimmer and surfer, brought this ancient sport to Australia in 1915, but it became increasingly popular only after a group of surfers from California came Down Under together with their modern Malibu surfboards. Nowadays, thanks to its spectacular coastline jam-packed with excellent surfing spots, Australia is among the world’s leading surfing destinations. Here’s a list of locations where you can catch some amazing waves.


Photo 1


Rainbow Bay, Queensland

This bay is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. This whole region boasts some of the most consistent waves, while many surfers say that surf breaks around Rainbow Bay are among the finest in Australia. The best period to visit this superb spot stretches from December to April, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the longest and most powerful right-handers in the world. There are lifeguard patrols throughout the year, so even if you’re a rookie, Rainbow Bay is the place to visit, as it’s great for beginners and intermediate surfers.


Photo 2


Angourie, Victoria

This region became the heart of the Australian surfing counterculture during the 1970s. It has kept that laid-back vibe, and a somewhat hippie spirit. In 2007, this pristine beach was declared a National Surfing Reserve. Seasoned surfers say that its right-hand point-break could easily be the best wave in Australia. According to the locals, the swell from the south is safe for surfers of all abilities, while the swell from the east or north is challenging and only experienced and bold surfers can handle it. On a good day, you can catch a breathtaking wave and have an exhilarating tube riding experience.


Photo 3


Torquay, Victoria

The oldest and most respected professional surfing event in Australia, the Rip Curl Pro, takes place here. Depending on the swell, the waves can be great and exciting, but when they rise 5 meters and more, even the most experienced surfers stick their surfboards in the sand. This point-break with superb right-hand breaks should be visited during autumn and winter. Although this spot attracts mainly pros and experts, it still has a lot to offer to inexperienced surfers. If you’re new to this sport, or if you want to polish your skills, you can take classes at one of the surf schools in the area.


Photo 4


Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Bondi doesn’t need any special introduction, as it’s one of the most famous beaches in the world. Conveniently situated about 20 minutes from the center of Sydney, this beach is an attractive spot for both experienced surfers, who ride the big waves at the southern part, and beginners, who take their first steps at the northern part. As Bondi Beach is crowded all the time, it’s important to follow surfing etiquette. Optimal conditions for learning are met when the wind blows from west or north, as that’s when the waves are small. However, during south swells, which can be big, and when the wind is from the south, inexperienced surfers should opt for nearby northern beaches. When you want to take a break from riding the waves, you can enjoy Bondi’s wonderful coastal walks or have a drink at one of its beachfront cafes or restaurants. In case you need quality surfing equipment and accessories, check out Natural Necessity and choose from a wide range of surf-related products.


Photo 5


Prevelly Bay, Western Australia

Serious surfers will definitely love this region, as it’s the place where powerful 6-meter swells form into perfect barrels. Beginners and the weak-kneed shouldn’t try their luck here, as it’s the kind of spot where daredevils from Hawaii come in search of the perfect wave. If we mention that this is one of the few places in Australia where wearing a helmet during surfing is not only common, but also advisable, it’s clear why only the brave are willing to take a risk and try to catch a wave here.

Make sure to assess your fitness levels properly, and don’t attempt to catch a wave you are not ready for – surfing may be amazing, but the ocean can be treacherous. Australia is a surfers’ paradise, so you won’t make a mistake if you visit any of these spots.



Active Holidays In The Land Down-Under

Australia Image 1


Secluded in the furthest, south-eastern part of the world, Australia boasts a multitude of hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered. This 7.692 million km2 area is home to some of the most magnificent mountains, stunning sandy beaches, vast deserts, and rich wildlife.

When it comes to the Land Down Under, one can only raise the question – what to explore first? If you’re a true adventurer at heart, then you will not be disappointed with the number of different activities this continent has to offer. For the following article, we’ve decided to list some of the most exciting adventure holidays you can embark on.

Cape to Cape Walk

Located on a not-as-densely populated western Australian coast, Cape to Cape Track offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It is exactly 135 kilometres long and is somewhat parallel to the shore line. It cuts right through the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, known for its boundless beauty, and it provides breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, numerous lagoons, tidal pools, unique rock formations and rugged cliffs.

If you choose to go on a Cape to Cape walk, be prepared for a 5-day trip along some of the most magnificent boardwalks, limestone tracks and sealed paths. It also offers a number of spots appropriate for camping, picnic and bushwalking; and you’ll have company – sea and terrestrial birds, possums, reptiles, and, of course – kangaroos.


Australia Image 2


Swimming in a natural pool

On the south of the continent, overlooking the Great Australian Bight, Greens pool is tucked in between Denmark and Walpole. What makes this place a true paradise on earth is a sheltered beach, a part of the William Bay National Park, which is ringed by massive granite boulders which keep the place safe from the swelling of the Southern Ocean.

This true natural swimming pool offers serene views and solace. Although it is considered to be an ideal destination for families with small kids, as it is so calm and perfectly safe, at the same time it allows adrenalin addicts to dive off the rocks into the great abyss; and for those who are looking for a deeper adventure, there a number of snorkeling instructors which will help you with exploring the great ocean depths.


Australia Image 3


Evening exploration of Port Douglas

Now let’s head to the north to explore the wilderness of the Daintree Rainforest, the world’s oldest one. Out of all the amazing Port Douglas things to do, this one is to be explored by night. Here you have a unique opportunity to swing through the canopy on a zip line, as well as to climb to the top and enjoy stunning views. You can also take a guided 4WD tour and get to some secluded swimming holes and untouched beaches.

Still, the most popular tourist destination of Port Douglas has to be the Great Barrier Reef, which represents a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for avid divers. You can even take a speedboat to Low Isles to snorkel alongside turtles and enjoy the ultimate marine experience.


Australia Image 4


Deep Down Under

For our last destination, we are going to take you a bit more continental. West from Katoomba, situated in Megalong Valley, active travellers are bound to enjoy a phenomenal walk experience on a six-foot-wide track. Stretching from the Explorers’ Tree, this 44-kilometer long track will take about 3 days of your time. On your way to the Black Range ridge, you’ll be challenged by steep climbs which are not to be taken so lightly, so be careful when you choose your hiking equipment. On your way through Megalong Valley, you’ll get the chance to walk by dense eucalyptus forests, astonishing sandstone cliffs, clear Cox River, and enjoy the view of an out-of-this-world plateau that separates the Jamison and Megalong valleys.


Australia Image 5


Have we inspired you for your next adventure? Know that Australia is not just about lying around, tanning on one of its sandy beaches, and shopping. Its Eden-like nature has many secrets that are just waiting for you to unravel them.

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