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4 Activities For A Solo Gainesville Trip

Travelers on their own get to set their own itinerary when they're on a vacation, and they can change it whenever they want because they have no one to disappoint but themselves. Between that and the chance to meet new people, solo trips can be a lot more fun than you'd expect. If you're planning a trip to Gainesville, Florida, you should make sure to put the following destinations on your list and take time to see them — no matter how flexible your schedule gets.


Follow Your Stomach Downtown

If you go to the center of Gainesville where Main Street splits between north and south, you can find plenty of high-quality restaurants and pubs just waiting for you to discover them. You might start with something energizing at the Volta coffee shop on Southwest Second Street, and from there you might want to try the ramen shop a block over or see who's playing at Rockeys Dueling Piano Bar. After that, you can have a drink or two at The Midnight on South Main Street, but since you're alone, you should make sure you have a way to get to your Gainesville hotel safely.


Explore Dudley Farm

Gainesville is surrounded by the forests and lakes of central Florida, and it would be a shame to visit and not see what's beyond the city limits. For a unique experience, look for the Dudley Farm Historic State Park, a small park that sits along Newberry Road west of town. The park is a working farm with 18 buildings, and you can watch the history of architecture and technology in action by wandering from one building to the next. You can also admire the front garden and watch the wildlife while you're there.




Visit the Hawthorne Historical Museum

The Hawthorne Historical Museum is a bright white building that started life as an African-American church back in 1907. It's just one of several Hawthorne buildings that date back over a century, and this small town just east of Gainesville is worth visiting just to see the preserved architecture of a 19th-century railroad stop. The museum is the centerpiece of the town, and its old walls are covered in historical artifacts and paintings created by Francis Moore, known as  "Hawthorne's Grandpa Moses."


Hike Along Newnans Lake

If you aren't finished enjoying nature in central Florida, Newnans Lake is a straight shot east from central Gainesville. There's a state forest with several hiking trails along the western shore of the lake, including a straight path to the lakeshore and a longer path that wanders through the park's 1,000 acres to give visitors a good look at the wilderness and all the animals that live in it.




There's plenty to do and see near Gainesville, Florida, and that's true even if you're on your own. However, while you don't have to worry about meeting people on time or visiting every spot on your list, you owe it to yourself to get the full Gainesville experience by making time for all the above activities.






4 Adventures To Try In Italy

If you ever have the chance to visit Italy, count yourself lucky! Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It's full of life, culture, and history, and every city has all kinds of adventures to offer. Here are some of the best adventures to try in Italy.


Hike in the Dolomites

One of the most versatile adventures in Italy is hiking in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeast Italy. There are all varieties of hikes available, so you can take it easy or challenge yourself. Hiking season runs from June through October, and guides are optional on most of the hikes. Visitors can choose to do a trek that takes several days to complete or set out on easier walks that can be finished in one day.




Prices vary depending on how long you're staying and whether you choose to do a self-guided or guided tour. And if you're not big into hiking, don't worry! You can also ski, parasail, kayak, and bike in the Dolomites.


Bike Through Rome

Rome is a huge city that is packed with culture, history, and excitement. One way to see as much of the area as possible is to go on a bike tour. Biking allows you to see more of the city than you would if you were walking, and it gives you the option to travel as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. Because of its popularity, many rental bike stores and bike tours have opened in Rome. You can visit the best neighborhoods in Rome on your own or go with a group. 




Scuba Dive in Baia

If you enjoy water activities, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity. The Parco Sommerso di Baia is an underwater city near Pozzuoli, Italy, that has remained intact over thousands of years. You can dive down to see statues, buildings, and mosaic floors that once belonged to Roman emperors. Dive classes are offered for all levels of divers, and discounts on rental gear are offered for those who take a class at the center. If you prefer not to dive, snorkeling is available as well.




Explore the Caves in Le Marche

The Le Marche area offers activities like skiing, biking, and hiking, but one of the attractions it's most famous for is the Grotto di Frasassi. This area is home to lots of underground caverns that are full of stalactites and stalagmites. One of the caverns is so big that Milan's famous cathedral — the fifth largest church in the world! — can fit inside it. 




A ticket is required to get into the caves. Prices start at about $22 (in U.S. dollars) and can increase depending on what kind of activities you sign up for. You can explore on your own or go with a guide. 

Italy is full of awesome experiences and is waiting to be explored. Be sure to try these adventures next time you're there.






4 Ways To Keep A Workout In Valdosta

Traveling does not mean that you have to take a break from your daily exercise routine. In fact, traveling to a new destination can refresh your mundane routine and make it even more exciting. These are some of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your Valdosta travels.


Hit the Valdosta Trails

Sticking to an exercise routine away from home is easier when you have nice weather and beautiful scenery. Valdosta, Georgia, is home to many beautiful outdoor sights that make it a great destination for hiking, biking, or walking. The Four Freedoms Trail is conveniently located off of the freeway and runs for 12.3 miles across the Florida-Georgia state line. In addition to fresh air and exercise options, the Four Freedoms Trail is also great for skating, fishing, and horseback riding.




The Ike Anderson Bike Trail is another great option for outdoor enthusiasts. This 1.5-mile bike trail extends through Monticello and takes you through historical railroad destinations of the past. Additionally, there is minimal motor traffic to the area — making it a peaceful and safe biking spot.


Mountain Biking

Valdosta is a great destination for adventurous mountain biking. Just a few of the local trails that are sure to meet both your entertainment and exercise needs include the Alapaha Trail and the Langdale Park Trail System. The Alapaha Trail was designed by biking enthusiasts and is elevated at 157 feet with views of fully grown pine trees overlooking the river below.




The Langdale Park Trail System is often considered one of the best bike routes in South Georgia by the locals. The trail spans over eight miles and sits at an elevation of 68 feet. There are technical and mild routes available, making it a great biking destination for both beginners and advanced bikers.


Take a Drop-In Gym Class

Many health clubs today are set up so that you don't have to purchase a membership to work out. A lot of the centers offer drop-in class rates which are a great way to meet your workout needs when traveling away from home. You also get the opportunity to work out with new people and to try out new exercise classes that might not be available in your area.


Utilize the Hotel Fitness Center

Choosing the right Valdosta hotel with Hotel Planner can also make it easier to meet your exercise needs when staying away from home. Finding a hotel that is within walking distance of the best local trails and fitness centers will motivate you to complete your daily workout. Also, selecting hotel accommodations with an on-site fitness center can make it easier to fit exercise into your busy travel schedule. Hotels with on-site pools can also provide you with an entertaining way to fit in your daily exercise.

Frequent travel can make it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. Being away from home, however, does not mean that you have to put your exercise goals on hold. These tips will help you incorporate exercise into your next travel plans.






5 Fitness Tips For Your Trip To Marietta, Georgia

Marietta, Georgia, offers plenty of opportunities for adventure travelers, whether you prefer outdoor recreation or indoor workouts. From hiking trails to community fitness centers, discover five ways to stay fit during your trip to Marietta.


Kayak the Chattahoochee River

Just north of Marietta, the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area offers plenty of opportunities to get out on the water and enjoy the area's natural beauty. In fact, if you have enough time during your trip, you can kayak, canoe, or raft all 48 miles that the recreation area covers. If you didn't travel with your kayak, you can rent one and everything you need for a day on the river from several authorized outfitters.



Hike the Kennesaw Mountain Trails

Located on the west side of Marietta, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is home to some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in the Atlanta metro area. Take your pick from about a dozen different trails, which range from under a mile to more than 15 miles. Download a copy of the Kennesaw Mountain Calorie Counter before you go so you can keep track of the energy you're burning as you cover ground. As an added bonus, the guide also offers details about the fascinating historic sites you'll see along the way.



Run a Local 5K Race

Running a 5K race is a fantastic way to get to know the city you're visiting while working out at the same time. Marietta hosts many 5K races throughout the year, many of which support local charities and nonprofits. Join the Veterans Memorial 5K Run, the Anything Is Possible 5K, or the Dashing Through the Square 5K Walk and Run. Note that most races have small participation fees, and you may need to register in advance.


Stay at a Hotel With a Great Gym

If you prefer squeezing in a workout close to your home base while on vacation, you'll find several Marietta hotels with great gyms and exercise facilities. Many hotels in this area feature fully equipped fitness centers where you can run on a treadmill, lift free weights, and practice yoga. 

For more exercise options, look for a hotel with a large pool where you can swim laps. Note that many Marietta hotels have outdoor pools, so be sure to check the weather before you go to make sure it's swimming season.


Work Out at Custer Park Sports & Fitness Center

For more extensive indoor workout facilities, make your way to Custer Park Sports & Fitness Center. This city-owned fitness center spans 26,000 square feet and features brand-new cardio and workout equipment. You can also take fitness classes, join a basketball game, and grab some nutritious snacks from the healthy vending machines. This facility is open seven days a week, and nonresidents must pay a nominal admission fee.




While Marietta has plenty of historic attractions to explore and Southern food to try, you don't need to slow your pace when you visit this Atlanta-area gem. Put the above adventurous pursuits at the top of your Marietta must-do list.





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