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Nashville Outdoor Adventure Guide

Traveling can make it tough to maintain your fitness routine. Nashville is an ideal destination to enjoy the outdoors and get a workout while you visit. The city offers several parks and attractions to help you enjoy nature and also achieve your daily exercise goals. Check out these outdoor recreation areas where you can enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, and more.


Bike Along Natchez Trace Parkway

If you want to hop on your bike and enjoy a scenic ride without commercial traffic, take a trip along the Natchez Trace Parkway. Nashville is at the northern end of this trail that winds through three states. While you probably won't have time to bike the entire 444-mile path, you can spend some time exploring Nashville's communities along the trail. Note that your bike will need front and rear lights to ride safely on the trail, and your group will need to ride single file.


Natchez Trace by Jo Fields Flickr


Go for a Swim at Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest Lake offers camping, fishing, and watersports including swimming and wakeboarding. You can hike or bike along the 42-mile long lake to burn calories, too. To find accommodations near Nashville's Percy Priest Lake, choose a hotel along I-40. Downtown hotels are also only 15 minutes from the lake. It's a quick ride to the park that's just off I-40 and Bell Road. You'll see plenty of wildlife and lake views while you walk along the water. Stay until dusk to enjoy a gorgeous sunset.


Percy Priest Lake by Rick Harris Flickr


Take Your Pooch for a Run at The Warner Parks

Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, known more simply as "The Warner Parks," offer visitors over 3,000 acres of open green space. Get in your daily workout on the cross-country running trails. The Warner Parks also feature a nature center with plenty of scenic hiking trails. You may spy some butterflies and hummingbirds during your walk along the nature trails. You can choose from beginner trails to paths for more experienced hikers.

If you bring your canine friend along for your Nashville trip, the dog will need some exercise, too. You can take your pup for a run at the dog park in Warner Parks. You can go horseback riding and have a picnic in the park as well.


Swing Through a Forest Canopy

If you want to challenge yourself with a harder workout during your trip to Nashville, head to the Adventureworks Nashville West Adventure Park. See if you can navigate the Treetop Aerial Adventure Course. The course includes a set of cargo nets, ropes, cables, and logs. You'll need to climb, walk, and swing your way through the trees while you enjoy the beautiful forest scenery. The park is located along the Harpeth River, just a 30-minute ride from Nashville.


Canopy by Mauricio Gonzalez Flickr


Try these outdoor activities the next time you visit Nashville, Tennessee. You can skip the gym and still get a workout while you enjoy the gorgeous forests and lake scenery. Hotels along I-40 and in downtown Nashville offer convenient access to many of these awesome outdoor recreation areas.




Great Ways To Explore Mt. Rainier National Park

Seattle is famous for its rainy weather, but that doesn't mean you have to stay indoors while you're visiting. Active vacations are the best kind — and whether you're looking for an extreme adventure or a leisurely wander through a scenic footpath, there is something for everyone near Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. 

Oh, and don't forget to put some thought into your post-adventure accommodations in Seattle — after all that exploring, you're going to want a comfortable place to put up your feet and relax. Settling in at a good hotel with a nice shower, warm food, a relaxing environment, and maybe even an adult beverage will provide the perfect ending for your foray into nature.

Here are four of the top things for all level of adventurers who are interested in exploring the area.


Climb Mount Rainier

It would be kind of a moot visit to Mount Rainier National Park if you didn't take at least a day to try and climb Mount Rainier itself. That doesn't mean you're expected to power your way to the peak, as only about half the people who set out to conquer this mountain successfully reach the top. If you're in for a physical challenge, climbing this mountain should definitely be on your to-do list (plus, you get some serious bragging rights if you succeed).


Mt. Rainier


Explore the Grove of the Patriarchs

For the woodsy explorer, one great activity in the park is the Grove of the Patriarchs loop trail. Clocking in at just over a mile, the Grove takes about two hours to hike and has some seriously fantastic views. Named after the massive, ancient evergreen trees that surround the trail, the grove is a great hike for the adventurer who doesn't mind feeling a little small, both physically and emotionally. The beauty of this wooded trail is definitely a must-see.


Grove of the Patriarchs


Check out the Wildflowers

If you're looking for something a little less physically strenuous — even adventurers need a break once in a while, after all — Mount Rainier National Park is known for its beautiful fields of wildflowers. If you happen to be there during the blooming season, you're not going to want to miss out on this view. It's a sensory adventure if ever there was one.

If your visit doesn't line up with the blooming season, though, don't worry — you'll just have to visit again. The park's website is updated every year with the best months to see the wildflowers.


Hike the Skyline Trail

After resting up seeing some beautiful flowers, you're probably ready for something a little more intense. The 5-mile Skyline Trail provides adventurers with a stellar view of Mount Rainier itself as well as the Nisqually Glacier — and about four and a half hours of activity.


Nisqually Glacier


After you finish these hikes, you're definitely going to want to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and relax — maybe even with a glass of wine.




Trip Ideas For A Westfield Family Vacation

Are you planning a family trip to Westfield, Indiana, and looking for ideas on what to do? Discover a few of the best activities and places to go as a family.


Explore Westfield to Indianapolis

The Monon Trail, a path that extends 25 miles through Hamilton County to Sheridan, is great for families who love to explore. If you don't want to travel on foot, download the Zagster app and rent a bike from one of its bike-share stations.

Along the trail are the Monon Community Center, the Center for Performing Arts, the City Center, the Carmel Arts and Design District, Clay Terrace, and Grand Park Sports Complex. The Carmel Arts and Design District and Clay Terrace are both great spots for shopping and wandering around.


Hit Up the Outdoor Waterpark

Do you love the outdoors and a good adrenaline rush? You'll enjoy all the fun at the waterpark at the Monon Community Center and enjoy all the fun it has to offer. Great for the whole family, this waterpark has a kiddie pool and activity pool for the little ones, plus adventure and plunge slides for the older crowd. Try out the AquaClimb 3D Ice — a rock wall over the water — or surf on the FlowRider. If you're looking for something a little more relaxing, go for a float down the lazy river.




Admission for the day is entirely affordable at $8 for kids (3 to 15 years old) and seniors (65 and older), and $11 for adults ages 16 to 64. Bonus: Kids younger than 3 are free.


Take a Hike at MacGregor Park or Cool Creek Park

With 99 acres to explore and hike, MacGregor Park in Westfield has a variety of scenic landscape — hills, woodlands, wetlands, creeks, and prairies — and a 2.5-mile trail which winds through it all. Go for a picturesque hike, climb one of the park's lookout platforms, and finish the day with a family cookout at one of the park's picnic shelters before sunset.




Cool Creek Park in Hamilton County is another great park for outdoor activities, such as rollerblading and biking, and it also has its own nature center.

Book your hotel in Westfield, and you'll be close to all the outdoor activities you want to enjoy.


Ride the River With White River Canoe Co.

White River Canoe Co., located east of Westfield in Noblesville, rents canoes, kayaks, and tubes (depending on your preference). With trips ranging from a few hours to a few days, the White River Canoe Company will shuttle you to your preferred drop-off location where you will paddle or float your way back.

If you want to make a few days of the experience, paddle to White River campground and set up camp before embarking on the remaining part of your trip back.




If that activity is not enough for you and the family, try a horseback riding tour at Golden Oak Equestrian Center or check out Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. Escape rooms at Breakout Games or The Escape Room Fishers are other good choices for families who love to play games and solve puzzles together. Westfield is a city that will keep you and your family more than occupied.




4 Activities For A Solo Gainesville Trip

Travelers on their own get to set their own itinerary when they're on a vacation, and they can change it whenever they want because they have no one to disappoint but themselves. Between that and the chance to meet new people, solo trips can be a lot more fun than you'd expect. If you're planning a trip to Gainesville, Florida, you should make sure to put the following destinations on your list and take time to see them — no matter how flexible your schedule gets.


Follow Your Stomach Downtown

If you go to the center of Gainesville where Main Street splits between north and south, you can find plenty of high-quality restaurants and pubs just waiting for you to discover them. You might start with something energizing at the Volta coffee shop on Southwest Second Street, and from there you might want to try the ramen shop a block over or see who's playing at Rockeys Dueling Piano Bar. After that, you can have a drink or two at The Midnight on South Main Street, but since you're alone, you should make sure you have a way to get to your Gainesville hotel safely.


Explore Dudley Farm

Gainesville is surrounded by the forests and lakes of central Florida, and it would be a shame to visit and not see what's beyond the city limits. For a unique experience, look for the Dudley Farm Historic State Park, a small park that sits along Newberry Road west of town. The park is a working farm with 18 buildings, and you can watch the history of architecture and technology in action by wandering from one building to the next. You can also admire the front garden and watch the wildlife while you're there.




Visit the Hawthorne Historical Museum

The Hawthorne Historical Museum is a bright white building that started life as an African-American church back in 1907. It's just one of several Hawthorne buildings that date back over a century, and this small town just east of Gainesville is worth visiting just to see the preserved architecture of a 19th-century railroad stop. The museum is the centerpiece of the town, and its old walls are covered in historical artifacts and paintings created by Francis Moore, known as  "Hawthorne's Grandpa Moses."


Hike Along Newnans Lake

If you aren't finished enjoying nature in central Florida, Newnans Lake is a straight shot east from central Gainesville. There's a state forest with several hiking trails along the western shore of the lake, including a straight path to the lakeshore and a longer path that wanders through the park's 1,000 acres to give visitors a good look at the wilderness and all the animals that live in it.




There's plenty to do and see near Gainesville, Florida, and that's true even if you're on your own. However, while you don't have to worry about meeting people on time or visiting every spot on your list, you owe it to yourself to get the full Gainesville experience by making time for all the above activities.



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