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8 days in one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world, The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico! Dive in a cenote, go stand up paddleboarding ,explore the culture, & relax underneath the CARRIBEAN SUN. Hit the beach, rejuvenate with some yoga & adventure through the ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum & COBA! An adventure that you don't want to miss.




Day 1 - Sunday, August 12: Playa Del Carmen

Arrive in Mexicothis morning and into the beauty that is the Yucatan Peninsula. Use your first day to take in some of the sights from thefamous La Quinta, the heart of our first stop, Playa Del Carmenorcheck out the world-famous powdery sand and cool blue waters of the beach right at your doorstep. Touch base withthe exciting local activities or simply lounge first before our first group WOD together. Following that we will head outfor our first group dinner to get to know each other before setting off on our getawayof a lifetime!



Day 2 - Monday, August 13: Playa Del Carmen

Up early for some yogaor just enjoy a sleep in because later we go for a day tour of the famous Mayansite, Chichen Itza. ChichenItza is a UNESCO world heritage site and in 2007 was voted one ofthe new 7 wonders of the world.Spend the day exploring the highlights of Chichen Itza from the Temple Of Warriors to the Great Ball Court, the towering pyramid of El Castillo,and much more.


Day 2 1


Day 3 - Tuesday, August 14: Playa Del Carmen

On our third day, we’ll do a workout together in the morning. After that, you can relax for a little and do some exploration in the afternoon.Seemore ofthe town, check out other beaches, or simply take a day to relax.  Since this is also our lasteveningin Playa del Carmen, today would be a good time tohead out and enjoy the nightlife with the group.


"I would recommend AdventureFit to anyone looking to travel with an element of fitness." - Craig Burgmann


Day 4 - Wednesday, August 15: Playa Del Carmen > Tulum

Wake this morning, and get ready to travel down to the beautiful coastal town of Tulum!We will spend the next few days exploring the local culture, training, standup paddleboarding, snorkeling/diving in crystal clear cenotes,and more. But until then you have the rest of the daytoexplore this new townany way you see fit.


Day 4 1


Day 5 - Thursday, August 16: Tulum

This morning,we’ll head outinto one of the beautiful inland lagoons ofTulum.Get ready to do some standup paddleboarding amid a picturesque body of water.After our paddleboarding tour, we’llimmerse a little more in the culture as we explore the town of Tulum.As the day wraps up, we’ll do some yoga for a relaxing finish.


Day 5 1


Day 6 - Friday, August 17: Tulum

Wake this morning refreshed and ready once more. Let’s head out to amorning workout in the beaches of Tulum!Later in the day,we’ll get togetherand put on our diving or snorkeling gear andexplore in the undergroundworld of cenotes.


Day 6 1


Day 7 - Saturday, August 18: Tulum

TulumIn the morning,we’ll do some rejuvenating yogato have a great start.After that,we can go on an optional tour of the Cobaruins or spend theday to explore and relax. On our last evening we savor it by heading out togetherandenjoyingthe nightlife in Tulum!

Day 7 1


Day 8 - Sunday, August 19: Tulum

Today we wrap it up forour trip.We’ll spend the morning lookingback on an amazing week filled with sun, sand and adventures, with many new friendships made. Not to mention the experience of training, relaxing yoga and all the workouts combine for your epic Carribeangetaway.


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