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#1 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of CrossFit With Ed Morrison

Welcome to AdventureFit Radio gang. Your favourite podcast exploring fitness, adventure and life.

This episode features Ed Morrison. Ed is an Australian strength & conditioning and CrossFit coach living in China while working for Norcal CrossFit.

Ed is also part of CrossFit HQ's seminar staff, meaning Ed is a teacher of the teachers. If you want to start your own career in CrossFit coaching you will go through the L1 certification process and take a certiufication ran by Ed and the rest of the L1 seminar staff. It goes without saying that Ed is one of the most knowledgable sources for all things health, fitness and CrossFit.

Our conversation today delves into the good, bad and the ugly of CrossFit. Ed does a wonderful job flying the flag for the brand and addresses some of the questions behind CrossFit's methodology. It is a fantastic conversation and one that we think CrossFit and non-CrossFitter alike can enjoy.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction [0:01]
  • What Ed is doing in China [17:54]
  • Ed's experience in ShenZhen [18:22]
  • What's it like to be with a traslator while coaching? [19:25]
  • Expats in ShenZhen [21:04]
  • How did Ed get the opportunity? [21:45]
  • What are you trying to achive in China [22:12 ]
  • What you love and passionate about spreading out CrossFit knowledge [23:34]
  • How long have you been coaching before you applied to be set out for the HQ job? [25:13]
  • What's the cool thing about doing seminars [26:30 ]
  • What people think about CrossFit [27:32]
  • What's your opinion on the CrossFit games to its image [29 :47]
  • What is the most important thing on starting an affiliate (building a community) [34:32]
  • Good, Bad, Science segment [36:25]
  • CrossFit training and coaching (Levels) [47:12]
  • Book of Creep [58:00]
  • CrossFit Games [62:01]
  • Structure & branding of CrossFit HQ [1:07:10]
  • 9 from 9 [1:14:46]
  • Closing remarks [1:26:11]

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