Your weekly podcast hosted by Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern, AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.

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#10 - The AdventureFit Business, Managing A CrossFit Gym & More - Business Chat

In this podcast, our hosts Doc and Mac share the stories behind the businesses they manage. Expect firsthand insights on their entrepreneurial adventures (and misadventures) as well as useful nuggets for businesses in general.

Hear on experiences, resources, podcasts, books, strengths and weaknesses, advice and best practices from these two entrepreneurs. 

Doc begins with sharing the story behind AdventureFit Travel and how he manages with his assistant. 24 minutes into this podcast, Mac shares what Crossfit Diamond Valley is about and his own highs and lows in steering the ship.

This is a great chat guys. We hope you enjoy it!

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Show Notes:

  • How AdventureFit started and the first trip [5:20]
  • Where AdventureFit is now [8:40]
  • Dealing with competitors [10:22]
  • Target market, branding, and company image  [12:10]
  • Doc outsourcing virtual work to the Philippines and Mac’s experience [15:45]
  • Mac’s business - the story behind CF Diamond Valley, dealing with business challenges. [24:05]
  • How Mac’s business mentor helped, and learning to trust [27:45]
  • Best advice Doc’s been given? [30:40]
  • Business webinars and recommended book [34:50]
  • What podcasts are Doc listening to? [37:50]
  • The one thing to wrap up. [41:40]

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AdventureFit Radio

Your weekly podcast exploring fitness, adventure and life. Hosted By Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern, AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure and life in general.