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#26 - Robert Kabbas On Olympic Competition, Coaching High-Level Athletes, And Injury Recovery Practices

We have an interview with Robert Kabbas for you today guys! He's one of the most successful weightlifters to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games, winning 2 gold medals and has competed in 3 straight Olympics, winning silver in his heyday as an athlete. Today Robert continues to share his passion by coaching both aspiring and high-level weightlifters alike.

Into the podcast, our guest shares about where he started weightlifting, and what inspired him to aim higher to compete nationally and internationally. He shares about his coaching style, the mindset for himself and for his athletes, and his best lifts.

Expect more also on Robert's tips with nutrition and training while recovering from an injury and his training program for his athletes.

Enjoy the conversation guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s favorite song [04:55]
  • Tommy’s tribute [05:15]
  • Robert’s brief history on weightlifting [06:05] 
  • When did you start aiming for higher competition? [10:05]
  • The time when Robert started to compete in Australia and internationally [11:00]
  • What is the difference of your coaching style? [14:20]
  • Robert’s schedule on coaching [16:30]
  • A discussion of missing the lift [19:15]
  • Do you have mindset practices for weightlifters? [28:40]
  • Robert’s best lifts [29:15]
  • Good, Bad and Science [34:15]
  • Have you ever been in a fight before? [35:10]
  • Doc relates his fighting experience [36:15]
  • Mac’s fighting story [39:05]
  • An issue of spending money and potential risk of Astronauts by sending them to Mars [44:40]
  • What happened to you during your competition in 1984 Olympics? [47:24]
  • What is your meal plan when recovering from an injury? [53:45]
  • What is your training after recovering from injury? [56:25]
  • Robert shares his training program for his athletes [1:01:30] 
  • The riddle [1:08:25]
  • 9 from 9 [1:11:25]
  • What is your morning ritual? [1:11:33]
  • If you have one day left, how would you spend it? [1:11:50]
  • If you have one thousand dollars left, how would you spend it? [1:13:30]
  • What is your favorite travel destination? [1:14:50]
  • What is your dream travel destination? [1:15:25]
  • When you are in the desert island, what three thing that you would bring? [1:16:15]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [1:16:40]
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? [1:17:05]
  • You invite three people for dinner, who would they be? [1:17:40]

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