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#27 - Going Beyond Rehab, Top-Level Competition And Building A Team Environment With Michael Cazayoux From Brute Strength

Our guest for Ep 27, Michael Cazayoux, has been coaching and competing in CrossFit for four years now and also has eleven years of Olympic and powerlifting experience. He has several coaching certifications and is currently the CEO of Brute Strength Training in LA.

Into the podcast, our crew learns a little more about Michael’s time in drug rehab prior to his journey in becoming an athlete and a coach. Then the conversation goes more into daily training duration and programming, then the differences between group workouts and individual workouts are highlighted. Learn more about the difference of the CrossFit open, regionals, and games level athletes as well!

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s Tribute [05:00]
  • A brief background of Michael Cazayoux on coaching. [06:50]
  • Michael’s educational background. [12:40]
  • Michael relates a story during his childhood days. [15:00]
  • When did you start taking cigarettes and drugs? [17:45]
  • What pushes you to rehab? [21:00]
  • Is crossfit really helpful in your recovery? [24:00]
  • Michael shares two things that helped him recover from drug addiction. [25:15]
  • The difference between group training and individual training for athletes. [30:50]
  • How much time do you spend together on the gym? [32:00]
  • The importance of competitive atmosphere on training. [34:50]
  • How much time of training in a regular day? [36:45]
  • The Good, Bad and Science. [38:45]
  • What is the difference of grit compared to determination and perseverance? [40:00]
  • Doc’s Impersonation on Muhammad Ali’s voice. [45:10]
  • Michael’s day-to-day training workouts during his recovery period. [48:45]
  • Why do you need to go three to four hours a day in training? [50:50]
  • How do you train your athletes to lead up in regional level? [53:10]
  • Michael tells  how Brute Strength started. [54:35]
  • How is your programming works? [1:01:30]
  • The different order of importance in an open, regional and game athletes.  [1:04:10]
  • What do you see on your training program in Brute Strength after 5 years of time? [1:09:05]
  • 6 from 6 [1:10:45]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [1:11:00]
  • What is your dream destination?  [1:13:05]
  • When you are in dessert island, what three things would you keep? [1:14:40]
  • What would you do on your down time? [1:16:18]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [1:17:12]
  • If you invite three people, who would that be? [1:21:00]

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