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#42 - Geraint Lewis On Asteroid Impact, Time Travel & Extraterrestrial Communication

In this second installation we continue our conversation with astrophysics professor Geraint Lewis, covering topics such as space safety, the impact of asteroids and how Jupiter’s gravitational pull affects the earth. Then we go beyond by learning more about black holes, white holes and intergalactic travel.

Finally, we delve a little more into radio wave technology and decipher potential instances of communication from extraterrestrial sources. Then wrap up by getting to know Geraint a little further with the classic 6 from 6!




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Show Notes:

  • Geraint’s thoughts on space safety.  [05:20]
  • The impact when asteroids hit the Earth. [10:00]
  • How important is Jupiter’s gravitational pull to the Earth? [12:00]
  • What is a Wormhole? [16:40]
  • The difference between Black Hole and White Hole. [19:00]
  • Is it possible to travel in another Galaxy? [23:00]
  • Can we send humans to explore in another Galaxy? [29:00]
  • Time travel into the future. [34:00]
  • Are we alone? [36:30]
  • Does radio waves travel at the speed of light? [40:25]
  • How do radio waves work? [42:00]
  • Geraint shares his insight about telekinesis. [46:30]
  • What are you working on? [48:45]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [50:50]
  • What is your dream destination? [51:30]
  • When you are on a desert island, what three things that you would bring? [52:35]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [54:25]
  • What are the things that you do when you are in downtime? [56:10]
  • When you invite three people to dinner, who would that be? [57:24]

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