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#53 - Doc And Tommy On Divorce, Polygamy & Weightlifting

Doc and Tommy talk about ADVF life in this episode. We kick off with an update from how our hosts are doing. Doc shares about his recent challenges and Tommy shares about his recent activities, his morning routine, and his lovelife!

Moving on, our hosts talk about the divorce issue, polygamy, and monogamy. Doc then shares with us his takeaways from the book Sex at Dawn. Discussing further, our hosts talk about The Notebook movie, and then transitions to global population and how we can potentially take a better grasp of it. Finally, we close with how Doc was training for his recent national weightlifting competition.

Fun convo with our hosts guys! Enjoy.

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Show Notes:

  • Why is Doc tired lately? [07:00]
  • Tommy’s morning routine and his activities recently. [11:30]
  • How is Tommy’s love life? [13:10]
  • Doc and Tommy on the divorce issue, polygamy, and monogamy.[16:00]
  • Doc shares his family’s status. [17:55]
  • What is in the book, Sex at Dawn? [21:15]
  • Why is humanity polygamous? [24:20]
  • Causes of marriage divorce. [27:30]
  • Doc’s takeaways from Sex at Dawn book. [30:45]
  • Tom and Doc on The Notebook movie. [31:30]
  • How could the world’s population decrease? [34:10]
  • Regulating people in the society. [40:00]
  • Doc’s training before his national competition. [44:20]

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