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#60 - Global Warming, How Technology Has Shaped Our Evolution & The Difference Of Spirituality From Religion With Doc And Tommy

We have a fun episode with Doc and Tommy for you today listeners!

Starting off on a more lighthearted note, Doc shares about the mischief that happens during the night and then discusses more about his personal journey with weightlifting and entrepreneurship. Our hosts then get into a little more serious discussion about present global warming and how we may potentially slide back into another ice age. Moving on, they talk about the social implications and then dial back to the present state of humanity. They discuss how modern technology has shifted the paradigm of happiness and mental health in general.

Our hosts then talk about what can potentially be a period of mass extinction and then defines what ‘human’ means.

In the last part of this episode, Doc and Tommy share about the book Supernatural and how this outlines the difference between religion and spirituality.

Great talk with a little bit of banter as usual! We hope you enjoy this one guys.

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    Show Notes:

    • Doc explains the mischief that happens during the night. [03:08]
    • Shifting from weightlifting to becoming an entrepreneur? [04:10]
    • A serious discussion on global warming. [07:10]
    • How much do you know about global warming? [09:30]
    • Going back into an ice age. [10:00]
    • How did the ice age come about? [11:00]
    • Tommy’s prediction for the future of humankind. [14:20]
    • The world’s state and its inhabitants. [19:00]
    • Mental health issues. [20:40]
    • Doc and Tommy on evolution relative to technology. [21:30]
    • Social anxiety back in the day. [28:08]
    • Comparison between happiness back then and the present time. [31:10]
    • The mental effect on human beings caused by technology. [33:30]
    • Ignorance is bliss. [38:10]
    • What is mass extinction period? [39:00]
    • Doc defines what ‘human’ means. [40:30]
    • The biggest theory about aliens. [41:15]
    • The book, Supernatural on its story and highlights. [43:50]
    • How does religion differ from spirituality? [50:00]
    • Interesting facts about whales connection to human consciousness. [54:00]

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