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#61 - Adee Cazayoux On Competitive Weightlifting, Working Against Gravity & Choosing The Right Nutrition

Known as the "Barbell Gypsy," you can find Adee weightlifting, bobsledding, powerlifting, or competing in the NPGL or the CrossFit open. More recently, Adee has gained an immense amount of knowledge from working with other nutrition consultants known for creating "macro counting" diets and helping athletes lose fat. She has just completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1. As an athlete Adee has studied/trained under many renowned coaches, most notably Aimee Everett, national champion, Travis Mash, world champion powerlifter, and Steve Sandor, Hungarian national champion.

Starting out in the episode, Adee shares to us about the interesting story behind how she and Michael decided to get married. Moving on she shares about how she got into nutrition, weightlifting and becoming an entrepreneur.

Next, we hear about the community, Working Against Gravity (WAG) and how the program has helped hundreds of people successfully hit their goals. Next, we dial in more on different types of diet, its impact on athletes, practical tips and her personal experience on the ketogenic diet.

Then we discuss a little more on the psychological side of things as we talk about the association of food and insecurity, and how Adee practices and benefits from meditation.

Wrapping up, Adee talks about what’s next for her and her greatest achievement so far with WAG. We then close our episode with 6 from 6.

Great conversation guys. We hope you enjoy it

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [4:00]
  • Adee shares a little bit about herself. [05:55]
  • The difference between eloping and getting married. [06:53]
  • Adee reasons out why they decided to elope rather than having a fancy wedding. [07:42]
  • Is there a honeymoon? [08:55]
  • From competitive weightlifting to becoming an entrepreneur. [10:50]
  • What got you into weightlifting? [12:35]
  • Adee talks about how she got into nutrition. [14:30]
  • What motivated you to get in your size now? [17:48]
  • How does it feel like to be an introvert? [19:50]
  • How did Working Against Gravity start? [21:31]
  • The major factor in their business’ success. [24:05]
  • What does your program actually do? [26:10]
  • On how to choose the right nutrition. [31:40]
  • Different kinds of diet. [33:05]
  • Paleo diet and its benefits to CrossFit high-level athletes. [35:25]
  • Adee’s experience in the ketogenic diet. [41:10]
  • Tips from Adee when clients don’t have enough time to execute proper diet. [51:25]
  • Associating food with coping on insecurity. [57:05]
  • What does your meditation look like? [1:00:10]
  • How do you explain meditation to someone? [1:07:20]
  • What is next for Adee Cazayoux? [1:14:05]
  • Adee’s greatest achievement in Working Against Gravity. [1:16:45]
  • 6 from 6. [1:18:00]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [1:18:10]
  • What is your dream destination? [1:18:50]
  • What books would you recommend? [1:20:20]
  • What are the things that you do in your downtime? [1:21:25]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [1:23:10]
  • When you invite three people to dinner, who would that be? [1:24:20]

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