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#66 - Doc & Tommy On Fascinating Religions, Hairy Women & Amazonian Medicine

Doc and Tommy start us off with an interesting topic -- religion. They then talk about Judaism and tell us why it’s cool. Following that is a talk about the positive aspects of any religion, as well as the fundamentals that surround it.

Doc and Tommy get into talking a bit about fashion trends, such as the possible fashionability that is the hairiness of a woman, and that dudes are getting addicted and attracted to red lipstick. After that they get into talking about a book titled “The Game”, and talk about why mysterious people are found to be attractive. Doc also talks about the “Supernatural” book.

Next, they verge into the realm of medicine and talk about DMT, a powerful psychedelic. Another one they talk about is something called Ayahuasca, which is a brew that is used as a traditional spiritual medicine by the indigenous peoples of Amazonia in their ceremonies. They also talk about medicine that could possibly be the cure for depression and anxiety.

Finally, Doc and Tommy talk about dating. Doc shares with us an experience he had on one date where he got offended by a chick.

Religion is always a fun topic to tackle, and interesting as well. Medicine and drugs? Even more so. Throw in some talk about dating and we’ve got the makings for another awesome episode. Check it out, guys!


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    Show Notes:

    • Doc and Tommy on the duet. [03:15]
    • Religion is fascinating. [6:20]
    • Why is Judaism cool? [7:20]
    • Positive aspects of religion. [08:05]
    • The fundamentals of any religion. [08:50]
    • Hairiness of a woman could possibly be fashionable. [13:50]
    • Dudes are being attracted and addicted to red lipstick. [15:00]
    • The book, The Game. [17:09]
    • Mysterious people are attractive. [20:00]
    • Doc is talking about the Supernatural book. [25:30]
    • Doc and Tommy are discussing DMT and Ayahuasca. [29:25]
    • Medicine that could possibly cure depression and anxiety. [35:30]
    • Tommy and Doc is on the date. [38:25]
    • Doc has been offended on one date with a chick. [39:15]

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