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#68 - Doc & Tommy On Elon Musk, Mankind At Risk & Conscious AI’s

The podcast starts off with Doc and Tommy making two massive announcements, then progresses to talking about Elon Musk, the business magnate, investor, engineer and inventor with some of the most impressive ideas to date. They also talk about the company Uber, and its plan in about a decade.

The conversation takes a turn towards the futuristic side of things as Doc and Tommy start to talk about automated flying cars in the far-off future. Next, Doc talks about the movie titled Ex Machina, a movie about a programmer who is to administer the Turing Test to a breathtaking humanoid-AI.

Another shift in the gears and Doc and Tommy start talking about why there’s a bite on Apple’s logo. After that, they talk about what the biggest risk to mankind is. They talk about the British anthology series Black Mirror, which in lieu with the previous point, talks about the uncapacitated consequences of new technologies.

More interesting conversation abounds as the topic stretches onto artificial intelligence -- developing and building a consciousness for AI’s, and what ways would be best for controlling them. Finally, they talk about mankind’s greatest weapon, and about North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un.

All in all this was a very interesting episode considering the topics at hand. From talk of Elon Musk to Uber, to futuristic flying cars and conscious AIs, then onwards to the risk of new technologies as well as a (seemingly) wacky dictator. This is definitely a great episode with some interesting points. Hope you guys like it!


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    Show Notes:

    • Two massive announcements. [07:40]
    • Doc and Tommy talk about Elon Musk. [8:00]
    • Uber’s plan in ten years. [10:30]
    • Automated flying cars in the future. [10:50]
    • Doc tells about the movie, Ex Machina. [19:25]
    • Why there is a bite in Apple logo? [21:20]
    • The biggest risk to mankind. [22:45]
    • What is in the movie series, Black Mirror? [29:40]
    • A topic on artificial intelligence. [36:50]
    • Developing and building consciousness for AI. [39:35]
    • The way to control an AI. [50:10]
    • Mankind’s greatest weapon. [51:50]
    • Doc is talking about North Korea’s dictator. [54:00]

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