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#70 - Mac Rundle On A High Level Of Consciousness, Winning By Failing & The Key To Happiness

Mac starts with telling us his most recent coaching session in the gym. He then proceeds to tell us about how he’s applied to be a firefighter and the results. He also tells us about what good he found in failing his application, and we ask him how he found who he is at the present.

The next thing he shares about is his new life and job. We ask him how he’s able to connect his head to his heart, and also about what it means to have a high level of consciousness. Mac then starts to talk about the subconscious part of our brains.
Next up is a story about how life coaching can increase a businesses’ revenue, and how important it is to have a sounding board. He then shares with us a couple of tips on meditation, and talks about the key to happiness. Finally, he talks about psychology and how it differs in what you do.
Many of us have dreams -- big dreams, and a lot of the time life decides that it isn’t going to throw us the bone. When that happens, when you fall, the best thing to do is see the good in that event and learn from it. This episode is about looking at life in a whole new way and how it can all change very quickly. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [06:40]
  • Mac’s last coaching session in the gym. [08:47]
  • Applying to be a firefighter. [09:50]
  • A good result of failing the test. [12:40]
  • How did you find who you are? [14:28]
  • Who is Mac Rundle now? [09:05]
  • Mac’s new life and job. [19:50]
  • How do you connect your head to heart? [22:25]
  • What does it mean to have a high level of consciousness? [27:40]
  • Mac talks about the subconscious. [32:08]
  • Tip’s from Mac. [36:40]
  • A story of how life coaching increases business revenue. [39:30]
  • The importance of having a sounding board. [46:10]
  • Tips on meditating. [51:45]
  • The key to happiness. [52:50]
  • How is psychology differ from what you do? [55:35]

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