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#74 - Geoff Mackley On Volcanic Centers, The Afghan War & Pants-Shitting Stories

Geoff Mackley is a freelance photographer who is also specialized in filming breaking news. Known for chasing storms around the world, as well walking into the center of volcanoes, he was featured in the TV series Dangerman, made for the Discovery Channel.

We start off with a literal hot topic: Geoff’s start with volcanic exploration. He details with us his experience with climbing Mt. Ruapehu, and other heated tales of his time spent in volcanic centers. He tells us about how volcanoes are unsafe natural disasters. He also tells us why it’s important to heed local warnings. Geoff also shares his thoughts on the war on drugs and alcohol.
The gears of the convo switch as we delve into Geoff’s frightening stories about the war in Afghanistan. He talks about the level of danger within the country, and we ask him if he’s had any brushes with death. Next, we talk about how the internet is starting to desensitize our perspectives, but things take a lighter note as Geoff shares some unforgettable, pants-shitting stories.
This episode goes from volcanoes to war zones. Definitely another interesting conversation and another great episode that you guys will love!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [03:45]
  • Geoff shares a bit on how he started in exploring volcanoes. [05:55]
  • His experience in climbing Mt. Ruapehu. [09:40]
  • The most unsafe natural disaster. [15:30]
  • The importance of heeding local’s warning. [16:35]
  • Geoff on war on drugs and alcohol issue. [17:50]
  • The craziest event he had covered. [22:18]
  • How family affair could affect his job. [23:30]
  • List of natural disaster he had covered. [24:25]
  • Desensitizing job. [25:30]
  • His frightening story in Afghanistan war. [27:45]
  • The level of danger in Afghanistan. [32:40]
  • Do you have any close call? [34:50]
  • Internet desensitizes human perspective. [36:00]
  • Geoff talks about drone. [44:35]
  • The Good, Bad and Science. [49:35]
  • Doc’s story on his recent weightlifting national competition in Brisbane. [50:50]
  • Do you have a band that you absolutely hate? [53:50]
  • Unforgettable sh*tting stories. [55:15]
  • What is next for Geoff in Volcano? [58:55]
  • Why volcanoes, above the any other natural disaster? [1:01:35]
  • Doc’s experience in Iguazu Falls [1:09:00]
  • Geoff next expedition. [1:15:20]
  • Working as volcanologist. [1:18:00]
  • Safety measure. [01:18:40]
  • 6 from 6 [1:29:35]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [1:29:50]
  • What is your dream destination? [1:30:55]
  • What books would you recommend? [1:32:40]
  • What are the things that you do in your downtime? [1:38:25]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [1:39:25]
  • When you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be? [1:41:45]

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