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#80 - John Nicolosi On Growing Athletes, Maximizing Strength Training & Recovering Through Physiotherapy

John Nicolosi is a track coach and physiotherapist at Melbourne Athletic Development.

We start off with John telling us about himself and what he does, and then he proceeds to talk about how he gets athletes to the next level of their competitions. He talks about the importance of setting goals for athletes, keeping them on track, as well as the importance of profiling. He also talks about the variations in every athlete’s training.

John next talks about the effects of maximizing strength training has on growth plates, as well as what effects it has when done at a very young age. He also talks about the factors that contribute to food allergies, as well recovering injuries through physiotherapy. He also briefly talks about yoga sessions for his athletes.

Great episode, guys! Lots of good points made in this one and there’s a lot you can take away from it. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [06:00]
  • John tells a little bit about himself and what he’s doing. [08:04]
  • Getting the athletes into the next level competition.  [09:46]
  • Setting goals. [10:55]
  • Keeping the athletes on track. [14:55]
  • The importance of profiling an athlete. [16:16]
  • The variation of training athletes. [19:43]
  • His biggest exposure to sort of high level athlete.[22:57]
  • Why there is still reconstructive injuries? [27:35]
  • Understanding personality type. [31:37]
  • Minimizing injuries. [33:12]
  • The reasons of being resistant of kids in strength training. [37:16]
  • Does maximizing strength training effect growth plates? [39:47]
  • Strength training at the very young age. [46:00]
  • The Good, Bad and Science. [57:05]
  • Extreme rapid case of Karma. [1:00:40]
  • Biggest contributing factors of food allergies. [1:02:07]
  • John’s biggest thing he’s involved. [1:03:21]
  • Recovering injuries through physio. [1:07:30]
  • Yoga session to the athlete. [1:11:56]
  • External cues movement. [1:14:25]
  • 6 from 6 [1:19:15]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [1:19:48]
  • What is your dream destination? [1:20:58]
  • What books would you recommend? [1:21:25]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [1:21:57]
  • What are the things that you will do when you have spare time? [1:23:05]
  • When you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be? [1:24:00]

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