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#92 - Barry McDonagh On The DARE Response, Mental Health Awareness & The Trouble With Tech

Barry McDonagh (BA, Dip Psych) is the author of DARE and the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program Panic Away.

Barry tells us about his field of profession, and Doc chimes in for a quick bit with a brief summary of his anxiety issues. The focus switches over to Tommy and he shares in-depth about his experiences with anxiety in the past. After that, Barry recounts his own encounter.

The topic moves onto how anxiety awareness has begun to improve at the present, and about how today’s generation suffers from a different form of it. We talk about how technology contributes to these troubles, and later on we talk about Barry’s book, DARE, as well as the current state of mental health and how it is perceived in our current time.

Mental health is a serious thing, so this episode is great for anyone who wants to learn more about it, especially about dealing with anxiety. We hope you guys takeaway some very good points from this!

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Show Notes:

      • Barry’s brief introduction. [4:45]
      • Tommy’s Tribute. [5:02]
      • Barry talks about his field. [8:01]
      • Doc talks about his anxiety briefly. [8:44]
      • Barry asks Tommy about his issues with anxiety and he talks about it. [9:18]
      • Barry talks about his experience with anxiety. [11:47]
      • Anxiety awareness has begun to improve. [13:30]
      • Today’s generation suffers from a different form of anxiety. [13:55]
      • Doc: What about technology is most troubling, Barry? [14:56]
      • Doc on disconnecting his phone from socials. [17:00]
      • Getting notifications releases endorphins. [18:02]
      • Studies show the more time you spend on Facebook, the more depressed you are. [19:30]
      • Plugging into a virtual world that’s better than your own world. [20:30]
      • About Barry’s book, DARE.[22:31]
      • Doc’s mantra and how he copes. [25:30]
      • DARE isn’t about getting rid of anxiety. [28:38]
      • Barry on intrusive thoughts. [29:34]
      • The current state of how mental health is perceived. [37:09]
      • 6 From 6. [40:15]
      • What’s next for Barry McDonagh? [40:25]
      • What is Barry’s favorite travel destination on the planet? [41:40]
      • What is Barry’s dream destination? [43:23]
      • What books does Barry recommend? [43:40]
      • Who inspires Barry? [44:32]
      • What does Barry do in his downtime? [45:21]
      • If Barry could invite three people to dinner, who would they be? [46:15]

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