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#99 - David Mathisen On Physical-Spiritual Connections, A Story Of Kings & Interacting With The Unknown

David Warner Mathisen is the author of a new series of books entitled Star Myths of the World, and How to Interpret Them, which diagrams the astonishing evidence that virtually all the myths, scriptures, and sacred stories of humanity – from all regions of our planet, and across the millennia – are based upon a common system of celestial metaphor.

 David comes on and we start with getting to know a little about his background. After that, we get right into the thick of things and start talking about how people might have taken characters from the Bible in a literal sense, and then we go in-depth with the story of the kings Solomon and Midas.

David also talks about the connection between the physical and spiritual planes. Tommy gets really interested and they start talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. We hear about Noah’s ark, the 4 elements, Prometheus’ spark, and more about the spirit realm. Later on, David also talks about constellations, zodiac signs, and what-ifs on if we were able to connect with the unknown.

This is a seriously great episode. It’s a very different vein from our usual material, but it’s been a very interesting conversation with David that goes very in-depth. Tune in! This is one you don’t want to miss.

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [4:40]
  • David’s music background. [7:00]
  • How did Doc and Tommy start their podcast? [8:40]
  • A little bit of David’s background. [10:25]
  • Taking Bible characters literally. [14:07]
  • The story of King Solomon and King Midas. [16:00]
  • The connection of the physical and spiritual realms. [20:15]
  • David on his belief of “The Kingdom of Heaven”. [35:30]
  • Mystery of Noah’s Ark story. [40:05]
  • The myth of Noah’s name to the constellations of stars. [50:40]
  • David explains the new constellation, Columba.  [52:15]
  • A reasons why the same myths were popping up in different area. [56:30]
  • Different constellation of every culture. [1:02:58]
  • David’s thoughts on consciousness in relationship with spirit realm. [1:09:15]
  • The story of doubting Thomas in connection with zodiac sign. [1:16:05]
  • David on Ayahuasca. [1:16:05]
  • Possibility of invisible realm will come to us. [1:27:00]
  • What is next for David Mathisen? [1:31:55]
  • What are the things that you will do when you are in down time? [1:34:09]
  • Who is your biggest inspiration? [1:35:50]
  • If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be? [1:38:40]

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