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#135 - Wim Hof's Throwback

Wim Hof is a Dutch daredevil, commonly nicknamed "The Iceman" for his ability to withstand extreme cold. He holds 21 Guinness world records, including a world record for longest ice bath at 1 hour and 52 minutes.

We kick off this awesome conversation with Wim by hearing how his amazing journey all began. We then delve into his breathing techniques and how he associates these with the human mindset. Of course, the critics are there so we also hear how he deals with the naysayers.

Further into the conversation, we talk about the science experiment performed on Wim and its interesting findings. We then hear about what actually goes on in his mind as he performs his endurance feats, and touch a little on the difference between his breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation. Our crew goes on to discuss the future of research for extreme human endurance.

Wrapping up, the gang discusses things that should be taught at school, what’s next for Wim, his proudest moment so far and the classic 6 from 6.

Epic conversation with a living legend. We hope you enjoy this very much, guys!


Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [05:48]
  • Wim is talking a little bit about his background. [07:50]
  • The benefits of taking a cold shower before starting a day. [09:55]
  • How did it all come about? [12:00]
  • How breathing technique connected to human mindset? [15:50]
  • Wim explains the breathing. [18:45]
  • Wim has critics. [27:40]
  • The scientist was doing an experiment to Wim. [29:15]
  • What goes on in your mind while you are in the cold? [33:30]
  • How is your breathing technique differs from mindfulness meditation? [43:10]
  • What is the future for this research? [50:40]
  • Things that should be taught at school. [56:20]
  • What is next for Wim Hof? [1:07:05]
  • Wim’s proudest moment of his life. [1:09:20]
  • 6 from 6 [1:09:40]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [1:09:56]
  • What is your dream destination? [1:11:10]
  • When you are on a desert island, what three things would you bring? [1:11:45]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [1:12:25]
  • What are the things that you do in your downtime? [1:13:45]
  • When you invite three people to dinner, who would that be? [1:15:35]
  • Wim and Tommy’s jamming session. [1:18:20]

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