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#136 - Geraint Lewis On Creation, Super Intelligent AI & The Meaning Of Life

Geraint F. Lewis is a Welsh astrophysicist, best known for his work on dark energy, gravitational lensing and galactic cannibalism. Lewis is a Professor of Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy. He is currently Deputy Director of the Sydney Informatics Hub, a core facility of the University of Sydney.

We kick it off with Geraint briefly giving us his background right before jumping into the thick of it with a topic such as dark matter. The topic shifts to human knowledge and the limits of our understanding, then onto multiverse theory, physics and the Big Bang! Tommy chimes in with questions about God and science, then proceeds to ask Geraint about his views on religion.

The conversation gets better and better as they verge into the realm of super intelligent AI’s, a bit of politics, more on multiverse theory, looking for signs of life in the universe, intelligence and consciousness.

This episode is a definitely a ripper! Geraint was great to have, and we just had so many questions we wanted to ask. Sadly, our time was limited - so here’s 2 hours of pure science-y goodness for all of you. Enjoy the show, guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Geraint briefly gives his background. [4:49]
  • Geraint explains what we know about dark matter. [6:08]
  • The limitations of human knowledge. [11:14]
  • Doc asks Geraint about the limits of understanding of the human brain. [14:46]
  • Doc on multiverse theory, Tommy on physics & Geraint's thoughts on the subjects. [18:22]
  • Looking back into the Big Bang - measuring the oldest light in the universe. [24:17]
  • Tommy asks Geraint if he believes in God. [28:57]
  • The Creator, theories for the origin of the universe & the possibility of life. [31:53]
  • Tommy on how science has lessened the place for God. [36:10]
  • Tommy shares about his spirituality. [41:06]
  • Geraint on his views on religion & spirituality. [43:37]
  • Made of stardust. [46:02]
  • Doc asks Geraint about the scientific implications of human-level AI's. [48:14]
  • The issue with making an AI think like a human. [52:10]
  • Doc asks Geraint about if super intelligent AI's can solve our problems. [55:34]
  • Doc asks Geraint about the risks associated with super intelligent AI's. [1:00:06[
  • The boys on AI taking our jobs, effects on the economy & other real world impacts. [1:01:32]
  • The 1% vs. the rest of the world. [1:10:32]
  • Geraint on how the world is much better at present than back in the day. [1:19:56]
  • Tommy asks Geraint about his view on politics. [1:21:32]
  • Doc asks Geraint if he believes we are living in a multiverse. [1:27:14]
  • Doc asks Geraint if he believes we are the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe. [1:30:46]
  • Geraint on looking for life throughout the universe & intelligent creatures. [1:37:36]
  • The boys on consciousness. [1:48:37]
  • Tommy asks Geraint if we are the most advanced conscious beings on the planet. [1:54:22]
  • 6 From 6. [1:58:45]
  • What is Geraint’s favorite travel destination? [1:59:01]
  • What is Geraint’s dream travel destination? [1:59:21]
  • What books does Geraint recommend? [1:59:40]
  • What does Geraint like to do when he has free time? [2:00:05]
  • Who does Geraint look up to? [2:00:30]
  • If Geraint could invite 3 people to dinner, who would they be? [2:01:24] 

Show Notes:



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