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#138 - Tony Doherty On Fitness For Mental Health, Starting The Arnold & Life’s Essentials

Tony is the owner of Doherty’s Gyms around Australia, a highly sought after public speaker, interviewer, and media personality.

We start with catching up with Tony since he was last on the show. He tells us about what he’s been up to, the places he’s been, and shares a story about his visit to Brazil. Later on in, he tells us about some of his partners wishes to change the Doherty’s brand, and gives us his thoughts on the importance of fitness for mental health.

We touch on what it means to align your brand to your vision, and later on Doc asks Tony how he stays so productive when he’s on the move a lot. The boys tackle other topics such as social media and acknowledging praise, then much later on tells us about what he believes are the 3 essentials everyone needs in their lives.

It was great to have Tony back on the show! Take away what you will and as much as you can. Enjoy the episode, guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Doc asks Tony about what he's been up to since he was last on the show. [4:55]
  • Tony on his trip to Brazil & having an expired visa. [6:30]
  • Tommy asks Tony about his partners wanting to change the brand. [12:31]
  • The effect of fitness on your mental health. [14:38]
  • Different yet like-minded people. [20:55]
  • Tony on staff education as part of the Doherty's Gym brand. [22:48]
  • Tommy asks Tony why he's against group fitness for Doherty's. [26:24]
  • Building & aligning your brand to your vision. [30:23]
  • Doc asks Tony about managing his brand while he's on the move. [32:56]
  • Tony on his motivational Instagram Stories in the mornings. [36:44]
  • Keeping the praise. [38:02]
  • Tony on following the right kind of people on social media. [42:00]
  • The 3 things you need in life: passion, vision & action. [43:21]
  • Tony Doherty - master of working on the move & timezones. [47:58]
  • Doc asks Tony about how he got started with The Arnold Classic. [50:03]
  • Getting kids into different kinds of sports & fitness. [1:00:56]
  • The importance of loving what you do. [1:04:06]
  • An inspirational reminder from Tony. [1:10:29]

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