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#149 - Dave Driskell On Wanderlust, Finding Home In Bali & Adding Value To Life

Dave Driskell is the owner of CrossFit Wanderlust. Opened in 2016, it is the largest and most equipped CrossFit Affiliate in Bali.

Dave tells us why he's in Melbourne and gives his background. The boys discuss start-ups and branding and the significance of the word "wanderlust" to Dave. Later on they talk about passion and adding more value to life.

Very insightful episode and it was great to have Dave back with us. Tune in and enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

    • Tommy's Tribute. [8:06]
    • Dave on what brings him to Melbourne. [9:58]
    • The 3 ways on how Australians use the word "cunt". [12:52]
    • Dave on his background. [15:28]
    • Running a startup and not having an idea what you're doing. [17:37]
    • The importance of branding & faking it till you make it. [21:01]
    • Dave on getting the name CrossFit Wanderlust. [23:01]
    • Doc asks Dave about the significance of the word "wanderlust" to him. [24:55]
    • Having your eyes be opened when you're travelling. [344]
    • Dave on accepting new views. [33:30]
    • Current gun issues in America. [34:37]
    • Doc asks Dave if he's going to be in Bali for life. [41:39]
    • Finding something that you're passionate about. [46:16]
    • Living a simpler life & putting more value on things. [47:57]
    • Dave on wanting to escape for a few days at times. [52:22]
    • 6 From 6. [54:02]
    • What is Dave’s favorite travel destination? [54:11]
    • What is Dave’s dream travel destination? [54:47]
    • What books does Dave recommend? [55:08]
    • Who does Dave look up to? [56:01]
    • What does Dave like to do when he has free time? [56:59]

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