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#150 - Karl Kruszelnicki On Human Origin, An AI-Powered Future & Preventing Doomsday

Karl Kruszelnicki , often referred to as "Dr Karl", is a well-known Australian science communicator and populariser.

Karl gives us his background, then they talk about a genuine interest in learning. The next topic is humanity’s evolutionary origins, then later on a future with AI and how to prevent doomsday.

Enjoy the show, guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Karl on his background. [7:14]
  • Doc on being inspired by watching Interstellar. [11:27]
  • Karl on time dilation. [13:38]
  • A vanishing sense of curiosity. [14:55]
  • Doc asks Karl about the importance of his role as a science communicator. [17:01]
  • The adverse effects of living in the most peaceful time in human history. [20:05]
  • Humanity as a brilliant yet ignorant species. [22:42]
  • The evolutionary origins of humans. [26:12]
  • Karl on the great flood. [33:10]
  • The future of AI. [36:05]
  • A future with universal basic income. [41:55]
  • Moore's Law. [48:06]
  • Karl on stopping doomsday. [50:37]
  • 6 From 6. [57:37]
  • What is Karl’s favorite travel destination? [57:49]
  • What is Karl’s dream travel destination? [58:07]
  • What books does Karl recommend? [59:15]
  • What does Karl like to do when he has free time? [1:00:43]
  • If Karl could invite 3 people to dinner, who would they be? [1:02:43]
  • Who does Karl look up to? [1:03:09]

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