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#162 - Dianne McGrath's Throwback

Dianne McGrath is currently among the choice 100 in the world who will potentially be selected into a team of 4 people for the first one-way trip to Mars in 2026.

In this episode, we discuss firstly Diane's role models, what kicked off her signup for the one-way mission to Mars and why she made the choice. The conversation goes into the nuances of interplanetary life and the science behind Mars as the top pick for the first space colony.

They also talk about how the government structure will initially work in Mars once it’s actually there. Leadership and politics, ladies and gents!

It gets more interesting as Dianne shares how the initial phases of living will be like on the planet, growing the human population, and how we could potentially harness the natural resources on Mars. She also outlines how food growing systems are to be integrated and what the top food picks are for living extraterrestrial life.

Further, they talk about the possibility of encountering extraterrestrial life and what that potentially means for humanity in general, as well as terraforming Mars.

Towards the end of the conversation, we learn more about Dianne’s methods on biohacking and how she does everything she can to maximize her life.

Great thoughts packed in this throwback episode. Enjoy guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s Tribute (Intro song for Dianne). [8:50]
  • Dianne’s role models, and the opportunity of women in space travel. [10:50]
  • What started the pursuit for the Mars One mission? [14:10]
  • Out of all the potential planets, why Mars? [19:43]
  • NASA’s plans about the moon. [20:59]
  • How the funding goes, what happens as the project comes to life. [22:30]
  • What the Kuiper Belt is, what it does, and the dangers of asteroids. [26:11]
  • Forecast funding for the project and testing and setting up for all life support through robots. [27:30]
  • Potential living conditions on the planet: life support, food production, and radiation. Air pressure and gravity
  • projections. [30:30]
  • Someone’s gotta do it first. How being mindful helps in processing the entire experience. Being in the moment. [38:00]
  • The Good, The Bad and The Science. [40:00]
  • The selection process for the Mars One team. [53:30]
  • Governing the planet and potential social structures [1:07:00]
  • Growing the population, Mars kids, radiation and gravity [19:10]
  • Natural resources, building the infrastructure of the colony [31:34]
  • Initial food sources, food systems, and growing stuff in Mars [20:35]
  • The possibility of exploration and finding extraterrestrial life on Mars [25:05]
  • Checking the general perception about extraterrestrial life and its implications to society [27:59]
  • Animals, plants and humans in terms of consciousness and communication [33:00]
  • How to terraform Mars, and asking why not do it on Earth? [36:20]
  • Did you know? Biohacks: sleep and nootropics [41:10]
  • 9 from 9 [50:00]

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