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8 days of paradise in bali! An exciting island adventure awaits you in  one of Southeast Asia's gems. Experience white water rapids in the Ayung River. Hike up Mt. Batur and get an amazing view of the sunrise. DO stand up paddle boardING & bike around Gili Trawangan. Jump into the waters, have a workout & some yoga on the beach. This is an island adventure you want to be on!






Day 1 - Saturday, July 6: Bali

Start of our trip, first day in Indonesia's lovely Bali! As we are fresh off our flights, we will be taking some time to all get acquainted with one another. We'll be having a group workout to get our jetlagged bodies into gear, and later on in the evening we'll be having our welcome dinner. Here's to what's going to be an awesome 9 days!


Day 1 2


Day 2 - Sunday, July 7: Bali

Today we're going to get some mindfulness going in the form of a yoga session. After we're done with our mindfulness session, we'll move onto our first adventure: white water rafting in the Ayung River! Get ready for some thrills and rapids as this activity is sure to get your blood, adrenaline and excitement levels pumping.


Day 2 1


"A first-class experience!" - Rod Caplick


Day 3 - Monday, July 8: Bali

Third day in Bali, and what better way to start it off than with a great view of the sun rising over the horizon. Today we will be hiking up Mt. Batur, aiming to reach the top in time to catch the best seats in the house for an awesome sunrise! After such an amazing experience for the senses, we will be giving you all the time in the afternoon you need to chill, or to explore the locale to your hearts content. Perhaps pay a visit to the Ubud Art Market or Monkey Forest?


Day 3 2


Day 4 - Tuesday, July 9: Bali

Today is a free dau. Take this chance to explore what Bali has to offer. Tomorrow we'll be heading out for some more exciting activities over in Gili Trawangan, so take in more of Bali!


Day 4 1


"I would recommend AdventureFit to anyone looking to travel with an element of fitness." - Craig Burgmann


Day 5 - Wednesday, July 10: Gili Trawangan

Today we will be making our way over to the island of Gili Trawangan. We'll be taking a fast boat so we will have plenty of time to just relax as we cruise the waters. Once we're settled on the island, we'll be having another group workout.


Day 5 2 


Day 6 - Thursday, July 11: Gili Trawangan

Another relaxing session of yoga awaits us today. Later on, more fun in the water! We have snorkeling and scuba diving on our agenda for the day. Time to dive below the surface to see and experience the marine life resting just underneath the waves. If you've got underwater cameras with you, this will be a great time to capture some picturesque moments in the deep!


Day 7 4


Day 7 - Friday, July 12: Gili Trawangan

Another activity in Bali's welcoming waters coming in the form of stand up paddle boarding. In the afternoon we'll be taking time to explore the island on bicycles. This will be a great chance to see the sights around Gili Trawangan, and to make some memories!


Day 6 4


Day 8 - Saturday, July 13: Bali

Today marks the last day of our trip. We’ll be heading out via fast boat and back to Bali to catch our flights, but not before wrapping up our awesome island adventures and experiences. With many new friendships made, we’ll look back on the past week and never forget the memories and moments we’ve made together!


"I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to do another trip!" - Emma Ferris


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