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8 days in Ancient Greece! Embark on an adventure through remnants of the Old World as we explore archeological sites & museums. Take in amazing scenery on a sunset hike from Fira to Oia & Traverse the beautiful Samaria Gorge. Train your body & mind with workouts, yoga & much more. This is a trip through & for the ages. Don't miss out!






Day 1 - Saturday, June 23: Santorini

The starting leg of our trip takes place today as we fly into Greece. The beautiful island of Santorini will be our first host, so take in the wonderful scenery of our destination. To get our blood pumping, we'll be having a group workout. Later on in the evening we will be having our intro dinner to all get better acquainted, and it's going to be a spectacle as we feast during the sunset on the cliffs of Oia.


Oia Santorini 2


Day 2 - Sunday, June 24: Santorini

We will be starting off the day with some mindfulness that comes in the form of morning yoga. Afterwards, we move onto our next activity, and that's paying a visit to museums to take in some prehistoric facts and archeological findings. Later on in the day we'll be taking a dive into some of Greece's blue waters, and come evening we will be paying a visit to the famous Cinekamari outdoor cinema!


 Day 2 1


"A first-class experience!" - Rod Caplick


Day 3 - Monday, June 25: Santorini

Another group workout awaits us, and it's a great way to start our day! Today we'll be taking a trip to the Minoan site of Akrotiri to get another taste of the rich history of Greece. Get your hiking gear ready as we hike from Fira to Oia, all the while illuminated by a beautiful setting sun! Make sure to snap some memories of the famous Skaros Rock along the way. In the evening we will be getting together to celebrate what is an already awesome trip!


Santorini Caldera 1


Day 4 - Tuesday, June 26: Santorini > Crete

Have a lazy morning and sleep in for today. There will be time to explore a bit and go around to see the sights and sounds around Santorini. Later on we will all be traveling to the next leg of our trip, Crete!


Day 4 4


"I would recommend AdventureFit to anyone looking to travel with an element of fitness." - Craig Burgmann


Day 5 - Wednesday, June 27: Crete

Ready for another adventure? Today we'll be hiking through the beautiful Samaria Gorge. But before that, we'll be having a group workout to loosen up and get ready for it. Later on we will be visiting and exploring an enduring remnant of olden Greece, the town of Rethymno!


Day 5 3 


Day 6 - Thursday, June 28: Crete

Today is a free day so feel free to sleep in. There will be plenty of time to explore your surroundings and see what Crete has to offer. Get out and about to snap some memories, get to know the locale and experience our destination to a flavor of your choosing!


Day 6 1


Day 7 - Friday, June 29: Crete

The Palace of Knossos will be our target of visitation today for another glimpse of history. In the morning we'll be having another yoga session and later on in the evening an exciting dive into the world of wine! We'll be going on a wine tour, so prepare your palate for some flavours.


Day 7 1


Day 8 - Saturday, June 30: Crete

Today marks the last day of our trip. We’ll be heading out to catch our flights, but not before wrapping up our awesome adventure and experiences. With many new friendships made, we’ll look back on the past week and never forget the memories and moments we’ve made together!


"I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to do another trip!" - Emma Ferris


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