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8 breathtaking days in the island paradise of Hawaii! Sun, stars & volcanoes await you in the Aloha Sate, as well as adventures that will show you a side of this wondrous place that can be brought to you only by your own two eyes. Hike the Sliding Sands & drive down the famous Road to Hana. Pay a visit to Volcanoes National Park & trek through the Waipi'o Valley. A getaway for the mind, body & soul - hop aboard!






Day 1 - Thursday, May 23: Maui

Today marks our first day, so welcome to Hawaii! This beautiful island paradise has so much for us to do and see, and we’ll be getting into all of our planned activities real soon. On today’s agenda: our first group workout! Later on in the evening we’ll have intro dinner which will come in the form of a Luau.


Day 1 4


Day 2 - Friday, May 24: Maui

Second day, and it’s time for a tour of Lahaina City. We’ll be given a look at the rich history of the former capital of Hawaii. Colorful characters and natural beauty await along with a unique lifestyle make this one of the most interesting and scenic spots in Maui. Later on we’ll get to jump into the awesome waters and get a surfing lesson in. Time to take on some waves!

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Day 3 - Saturday, May 25: Haleakala National Park

We will be making our way to Haleakala National Park today as we aim to get on the famous Sliding Sands Trail! Hailed as what may be the best Haleakala summit hike, our objecting is to catch the sun as it rises over the horizon on a new day - surely a spectacular view. After that we will be travelling on the Road to Hana which is filled with picturesque scenery. We will be paying a visit to the Twin Falls on this one. We’ll also be looking to get a workout in, and later on in the evening, party the night away!


Day 3 1


Day 4 - Sunday, May 26: Mauna Kea

What an adventure it has been, and it has only been three days in! Today you’ll get the chance to sleep in as we’ll be taking a flight to the Big Island later on in the day. If you’d like to go sightseeing or experience our locale, this is your chance to get all of that done. Once we’ve gotten to our next destination, we’ll take some time to go stargazing on Mauna Kea. Away from massive light pollution, we will get an absolutely stunning view of our galaxy, the Milky Way!


Day 4 2


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Day 5 - Monday, May 27: Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is known for the sun and the surf, but let’s not forget one other thing: volcanoes! We will be heading over to the Volcanoes National Park for a hike. We’ll pay a visit to some of the active lava flow sites for some volcano action. After our foray into Volcanoes NP, we’ll head back for a workout session.


Day 5 3 


Day 6 - Tuesday, May 28: Big Island

Feel free to experience more of Hawaii on your own - take in all the sights and sounds, make and capture amazing memories! Today is a free day so explore to your heart’s content. Maybe try out the local cuisine, or find some of the most picturesque spots ever for some awesome photos?


Day 6 2


Day 7 - Wednesday, May 29: Waipi'o Valley

Great day for another hike! Starting off with a group workout, after which we’ll be heading on down to the Waipi’o Valley for our next adventure. We’ll make our way to the Muliwai Trail and get a chance to see the beautiful Hi’ilawe and Kaluahine Falls. Later on in the evening, spend one final night with each other before the last day of this amazing adventure.


Day 7 1


Day 8 - Thursday, May 30: Big Island

Today marks the last day of our trip. We’ll be heading out to catch our flights, but not before wrapping up our awesome Hawaii adventures and experiences. WIth many new friendships made, we’ll look back on the past week and never forget the memories and moments we’ve made together!


"I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to do another trip!" - Emma Ferris


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