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8 Amazing days in the natural beauty of New Zealand! Head into the Waitomo Caves and hike across the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Trek through verdant plains and take in beautiful, natural scenery. Last but not the least, take the leap of a lifetime on epic adventure activities! Get excited because it's going to be awesome!





Day 1 - Monday, March 5: Auckland

Fresh off our flights into New Zealand. Today marks the first day of our trip so we'll all get together and have our first activity - a group workout! Time to move those muscles and fight the jet lag. Later on we will have our intro dinner where we can all get better acquainted with each other as a prelude to all the awesome things we're going to be experiencing together.


Day 1 3


Day 2 - Tuesday, March 6: Auckland > Waitomo

Get up and get ready for another group workout to start off the first full day of our trip! Today we'll be in transit to Waitomo for a 5-hour Waitomo Cave tour. Our caving experience will be full of exciting activities, such as abseiling training and dropping 35 metres, caving and walking, black water rafting, seeing the glow worms, and lots more! To get a glimpse of what it's going to be like, take a look at the video below.



"A first-class experience!" - Rod Caplick


Day 3 - Wednesday, March 7: Tongariro National Park

We've got another great activity lined up today and it comes in the form of the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing hike! We will embark on this 19.4km track and get the chance to take in the pure rugged beauty of New Zealand. We'll be seeing picturesque sites like no other to verdant plains, snow-capped mountains to emerald green lakes! This trek is a feast for the body and for the eyes.


Day 3 2


Day 4 - Thursday, March 8: Auckland > Queenstown

Ever watched Lord of the Rings? If you have, then today we're leaving behind the volcanic, Mordor-like landscapes of Tongariro National Park to pay a visit to Hobbiton! See with your very own eyes where The Shire was brought to life on the silver screen. Maybe pay a visit to Bag End and look for Bilbo's hidden gold?


Day 4 1


"I would recommend AdventureFit to anyone looking to travel with an element of fitness." - Craig Burgmann


Day 5 - Friday, March 9: Ben Lomond

Today we're going on the Ben Lomond hike, but before that we will first be having a morning yoga session. This will be a great warm-up for us before we hit the trail. We'll aim to reach the summit for a view like no other! Along the way will be numerous sights to behold, such as Lake Wakatipu. There is also a chance to see some birds, so keep your eyes open for them.


Day 5 5


Day 6 - Saturday, March 10: Queenstown

If you have other things you'd like to do in Queenstown, then we've got great news for you: Free Day! We have nothing on our plates this time around so you can be free to explore the locale as much as you want. Queenstown has plenty of attractions and activities on hand. Whether what you're looking for is relaxation or something to get your blood pumping, you can bet that there is something to suit your tastes.


Day 6 2


Day 7 - Sunday, March 11: Queenstown

Another group workout to start off our day. And later on, something wicked this way comes, and we say that because on this day we've got an extreme activity lined up for all of you. Queenstown has some awesome locations for bungee jumping and we're going to be heading out to one of them! Get ready to take the leap of the lifetime as you free fall through the air before getting pulled back up by the cord. If that's not to your liking, perhaps jumping out of a plane is? We've also got some skydiving lined up for you adventure seekers, whichever of the two you'd like to partake in. These are our 2 biggest options, but there is more if you'd like something else. Later on we will be partying the night away!


Day 7 2


Day 8 - Monday, March 12: Queenstown

Today marks our last day in New Zealand. We'll be flying out from Queenstown, so before that happens and we bid each other farewell, let's look back on a week chock full of fun, adventure, unforgettable memories and new friendships made alone the way!


"I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to do another trip!" - Emma Ferris


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